April 26, 2016

Transporting Vehicles, RV’s, Boats for Dealerships

Auto Transporting Job

I learned about this type of work at my previous employer.  The company rented fleet vans out of Austin, TX and new vans were driven by folks doing some part time work in their spare time, driving the vans from Austin to any of our locations nationwide, forgoing using a big truck to haul it.  They were paid for their driving time, meals, and a one way flight back home.  Seemed to be a great gig if you like doing road trips and seeing the countryside or it could be a local gig as well.

Most of the work comes from dealerships, mainly autos and RV’s.  If you have a heavy duty pickup with a towing package (including 5th-wheel), your options can be greater in being able to tow boats, travel trailers,  and 5th wheel RV’s.

This isn’t something you probably want to try to make a living at if this would be your sole source of income, but could be great as an extra money generator and could plan vacations around your work.

One tip I learned from these drivers is you’re put on a calling list.  You might not get called too much in the beginning until drivers with more seniority fade out through attrition.  But once you start getting called, always be available.  If you turn down jobs too much, the calls will stop or become a lot less.

If you’d like to get started in this type of side job, call on some local dealerships in your area to see what services they might provide in auto transporting or auto driveaways.   I’ve listed some sites below as well that provide more information.

Some links to get you started:

Quality Drive Away – company that hires drivers nationwide

Job Monkey – Auto Driveaway job info

Job Monkey – RV Driveaway job info

Happy Vagabonds – has a list of transporting companies.  Many are around Indiana area, but might have jobs nationwide or regionally.

Express RV Transporters – this site has some nationally listed jobs needing cars, boats, rv’s, and other vehicles transported from state to state


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