March 16, 2016

Man Cave – Home parties designed for men

Okay men, I know we’ve been super jealous of the many opportunities women have selling makeup and candles (sarcasm intended).  But alas, no more! Now there’s an option geared toward us guys in the direct selling market, and that option is Man Cave.  As the website states, “it’s direct sales with testosterone!” As a Man […]

Lawnmowing business model ideas

Some business model ideas for lawn mowing – Buy your own equipment – what the majority of owners do, no doubt you’ve seen many trucks and trailers being pulled around town with commercial grade mowers and gas trimmers.  Unless you already have most of it, a lot of money will be spent up front for […]

Become a 10lb Chocolate Bar Affiliate

Now here is a unique product.  Stumbled across this site and thought this could be a decent money maker on the side.  Chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry. Heavy Chocolate has associated with the world-famous 137-year old Guittard Chocolate Company of San Francisco, California. These 10 lb chocolate bars come in 4 different flavors – […]

Own a photo booth rental business

Here’s a way to start a part time business that can be a one person, one operation set up working a commercial grade photo booth rental business.  Interested customers can book a slot with you for their wedding, birthday party, high school reunion party, church, or corporate event, and also can do custom greeting cards. […]

Sell custom designed tshirts

Most everyone loves to get a tshirt, especially if there’s a unique design or saying plastered on it.  Heck, college kids will put their name on a credit card application just for the sole purpose of scoring a free tshirt.  If you have skills as an artist, coming up with your own designs won’t be […]