March 16, 2016

15 Unique Side Jobs for Women, Part 3

This is not a complete list, but picked some from the huge brainstorming list that would be a bit different than the popular suggestions you see online.

  1. Offer small business owners to call their overdue receivables.  Get % of total dollars brought in from these accounts they were about to send to collections.
  2. Find local businesses not using social media and offer your social media expertise.  Could earn $500+/month per business.
  3. Sell wine and wine gift baskets, such as from sites like
  4. Grade tests online
  5. Make up your own gift basket theme to sell on your own website.
    • Do a google search for gift basket wholesalers, reseller accounts, or drop shippers.
    • Get more profit margin building your own baskets.  Find some product ideas on or
    • Upscale gift bags – use high quality shoulder style bags instead of baskets and put nice fragrances, bath/body items, etc.
  6. Clothes designing – sell patterns online at
  7. Sell/build cat runways/corner beds that sit up high in various rooms
  8. Design pet clothes.  Sell on
  9. Indoor/outdoor plant care service.
  10. Use cooking skills to be a personal chef for special occasions, offer to cook a weeks worth of meals and stick them in their freezer to microwave later, offer personal cooking courses at their home. This could be big with the senior market who aren’t able to cook for themselves any longer.
  11. Refurbish old furniture you find on Craigslist, then resell.
  12. Referee your favorite sport.  Get certified thru a weekend course, make approximately $50 per game depending on sport.
    • If not referee, can be shotclock operator at college basketball games.  It pays about $30-75 a game depending on the institution. If there is both a men’s game and a women’s game, it is doubled.
  13. Concierge service for seniors
  14. Become a doula
  15. Work as an usher at your local theater/playhouse or minor league sports team stadium.  Earn a little side cash plus free tickets.

Bonus Ideas!

  1. Some are making $500+/month writing erotica short stories and selling on Amazon.
  2. Be a party princess – dress up as Disney princesses (with minor alterations and such to avoid getting a cease and desist letter from Disney), and entertain kids at parties.  Have activities planned and know your character inside and out. Can charge $50 – 70 an hour.


If you haven’t already, be sure to see Unique Side Jobs for Women Part 1 & Part 2!
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