March 16, 2016

Hot Google trend – Chocolate recipes

While doing some keyword research for chocolate trends, I noticed chocolate recipes has over 2 million searches while having a low competition rate, as shown below –     Thought this might have some potential for a website to make money from advertisements and chocolate affiliates for anyone who loves chocolate and would like to […]

Man Cave – Home parties designed for men

Okay men, I know we’ve been super jealous of the many opportunities women have selling makeup and candles (sarcasm intended).  But alas, no more! Now there’s an option geared toward us guys in the direct selling market, and that option is Man Cave.  As the website states, “it’s direct sales with testosterone!” As a Man […]

Vino Virtuoso – Host wine tasting parties and get paid

I was looking around for a different type of direct selling that could more interesting and unique than selling makeup and Tupperware.  And success! I stumbled on Vino Virtuoso, which is a company specializing in wine tastings for homes and offices. According to their website, 87% of all the wine consumed in the U.S. today […]

Owning a hot dog cart

Ever think about running a hot dog cart?  They do seem like a cool little business to have, being independent, yukking it up with locals having a great time downtown or on their lunch break.  It seems these mobile food carts and trucks are beginning to increase more and more.  Especially in Portland, OR area […]

Become a 10lb Chocolate Bar Affiliate

Now here is a unique product.  Stumbled across this site and thought this could be a decent money maker on the side.  Chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry. Heavy Chocolate has associated with the world-famous 137-year old Guittard Chocolate Company of San Francisco, California. These 10 lb chocolate bars come in 4 different flavors – […]