October 29, 2016

Side job ideas and ways to make extra money

          1. Fluent in another language? Translate popular blogs. There are very few transcriptions of popular blogs in the East or West.
          2. To present yourself in the best way and get the most advantageous job you should have an excellent resume. Check best resume writing service reviews to find the writer, who can help you.
          3. Rent items to travellers that can be too bulky for packing – strollers, cribs, medical scooters, kayaks, etc.
          4. Become a professional lice picker – can charge $200+ an hour!
          5. Sell jewelry as an independent rep for Premier Designs
          6. Get on Craigslist and scrounge the Gigs section for odd jobs like hauling, event help, home maintenance, writing, photography, all kinds of stuff.
          7. Buy a wood splitter – check craigslist ads for free wood from fallen trees if you take it away. Split and bundle for sale. Good service towards seniors in cold climates.
          8. Clean up foggy headlights, charge about $20 per car
          9. Do people love to touch your hair? Cash in on your lovely locks. Many get $300 to over $1000 –
            • Buyandsellhair.com – $14.50 for a 3 month listing
          10. These moms at CafeMom had a unique way of getting money by buying baby items cheap and returning them later
          11. Sign up to become a juror on eJury.com – review cases, answer questions, get paid about $5 – $10 per case.
          12. Hallmark Greeting Cards offers part time positions,mainly merchandisers in retail stores and other partnered stores like Walmart. Work can range from 3-20 hrs per week.
            • Same for American Greetings
          13. Find a flex position, temporary, full-time,orpart time position in your area or online at
            • Flex Hour Jobs
            • Flex Jobs
          14. Become a direct seller – browse company opportunities on Direct Selling Association website
          15. Design and sell custom bridal veils
          16. Help brides save money – take part in recycling by selling second hand wedding dresses
          17. Act as an investor earning an average 10-12% on small personal loans with Prosper.com. You’d be taking part in group funding per loan – can do small partial investment or fully fund the loan yourself.
          18. Pack parachutes at local skydiving field
          19. Become an online tutor. Make an average $20/hr:
            • Tutor.com
            • Smartthinking.com
            • TutoringServices.com
            • InstaEDU.com
            • PrepNow Tutoring
          20. Work as an embalming assistant at a funeral home – it’s quiet, climate controlled, and possibly a night shift.
          21. Work parties and events as a temporary tattoo artist.
          22. ATV mechanic – many shops are swamped with long waits and lack in friendly customer service. Could be a great opportunity.
          23. Marine mechanic – work onsite instead of owning a shop. Saw this comment from someone who knows a marine mechanic –
            • “They make good money, and good techs are in demand. There is a local guy that advertises on Craiglist, and does all his work at the boat owners house. No overhead. Works as much as he wants. Does a ton of water pumps, and winterizing”
          24. Waiter/waitress or bartend at a top end restaurant – tips are much better than average places.
          25. Ask farmers or ranchers if they need any help – cleaning stalls, bucking hay, etc
          26. Tint car windows – average $150 – $200 per job
          27. Saw this idea in an online forum (unedited) –
            • “i make and sell personalised kids placemats and door signs i sell them on ebay and carboot sales and make quite alot of money, i sell them for £2.50 each or 3 for £6, I make them with all kids favourite charactors from pepper pig to harry potter, I take orders and can make them with any picture they like. they usually just tell me what there kids are into and then ill email them some examples and they decide which 1 they like best.
              I personalise them with any text they like, the most popular are the placemats as ive found alot of mums have found that they can get there kids to sit at the dinner table alot easier with them. they usually have somethin along the lines of EMMAS DINNER or JACK’S DINNER DO NOT TOUCH/ SOPHIE SITS HERE.
              I find this a great little money maker as people always love to be able to help design there own stuff for there kids.”
          28. Go to library sales and resell books on Ebay or Amazon
          29. Get paid being part of a focus group
          30. Use your calligraphy talents for custom invitations and other stationary
          31. Take in a kid or two to watch. Market to teachers at your local schools to watch their kids. Or sign up with these services which do background checks –
            • Care.com (use top search box – Find a ____ in ZIP ____)
            • Sittercity
          32. Sign up for elderly or senior sitting. Background checks required –
            • >Care.com (use top search box – Find a ____ in ZIP ____)
            • Sittercity
          33. Sign up to be a dog sitter on Rover.com
          34. Collect old tires and make tire sandals or more durable soles for shoes. Long distance hikers on the Appalachian Trail would go for these. Here’s some being sold as Cambodian Tire Sandals.
          35. Heard about a woman who was very good at wrapping presents. November/December she was able to secure a small space on the mall floor and became a hit with the shoppers.
          36. Work the evening shift at your church (3-4 nights/week), which could be mostly janitorial duties. Could be another $10-12k per year.
          37. Home laundry service – wash other people’s clothes at your house. Can offer ironing at extra charge. Offer a home/office pickup/delivery option, or make that your main business model.
          38. Affiliate marketing website – setting up website and selling other people’s products. Could be quicker and cheaper than starting and promoting your own business.
            • ShareASale
            • Commission Junction
            • Prosperent
          39. Be a transcriber contractor.
          40. Provide suburban backyard campouts – themed camping for kids, adults, girls night outs. Can do in backyards, parks, or events.
          41. Collect cardboard from businesses, shred, and resell as animal bedding. Can sell to pet stores, animal shelters, and farms.
          42. Restore vintage bicycles.
          43. Are you a gun enthusiast? Teach people how to shoot and clean their firearms properly (you might need an FFL license unless they stay on the property with you or you do house calls for cleaning)
          44. Blade sharpening service.
          45. Develop a mobile bicycle repair business.
          46. Sell homemade jellies, jams, bread, muffins, rolls on the side of the road. Or go to craft fairs and farmers markets. People will pay $4-5 per loaf of bread and up to $5 per jar of homemade jam.
          47. Start your own adventure trip company that does adventure scavenger hunts (aka Amazing Race style).
          48. Give friends and co-workers haircuts.
          49. Make lunches for your co-workers – like a sandwich, chips, and a dessert. Soups and salads. Charge $5 per bag, profit about $2. Could add up to about $500 a month for 4-6 co-workers.
          50. Pose nude for an art class (if you dare) – usually pays about $12-15/hr. Google up art universities and after school art classes in your area.
          51. Design and build custom aquariums – can also provide maintenance, emergency fixes, and can also design the decor at extra cost.
          52. Buy a photo booth and rent for parties and events.
          53. Give old or new RV’s a more interesting and livable look doing RV interior remodeling.
          54. Design and build tiny houses for those who want to live more simply. Can also give classes to those who want to build their own tiny house.
          55. Provide night vision tours – using night vision goggles, people can spot animals in a forest or walking thru a zoo. Haunted tours? How about a late night, creepy historic cemetery tour or an old historic hotel. What other places would be fun and interesting at night? Plus, wearing night vision goggles is just cool.
          56. Niche field: Goth – specialize in providing to Goth people – Goth clothes, Goth jewelry, Goth hair & makeup, start a Goth facebook (GothBook or GothCave) or other social networking website.
          57. How about starting a women’s only taxi service? Offer some small amenities like beauty kits while they enjoy their safe ride, no stops for men! Slowly build up a small fleet of pink cars.
          58. Or a taxi service for kids – help busy parents get their little ones home or to after-school activities.
          59. Interested in house sitting for someone’s property all over the world? Read the Caretaker’s Gazette.
          60. Are you a certified mechanic? Offer to inspect used cars for people looking at buying one to make sure they’re getting a good car and a good deal.
          61. Small engine, lawn mower engine repair/tune-ups/blade sharpening.
            • A local guy in my area does this and offers convenience – he makes multiple appointments to pick up customer mowers one day a week, fixes them at his house, then spends another day delivering them back to the customer’s house.
          62. Partner up with some businesses that don’t offer delivery, such as furniture. They can refer their customers to you if they request delivery. What other businesses could you set this type of service with?
          63. Provide furniture delivery or moving service…by bike!
          64. Find a unique niche for bakery items – such as this Meatloaf Bakery.
          65. Organize a different kind of community triathlon or sporting event – like a triathlon involving rollerblading, kayaking, and cycling or whatever else you can dream up. Or organize a 5k run for moms running with their toddlers in strollers!
          66. Make your own brand and flavors of beef jerky to sell.
          67. Custom T-shirt designs.
          68. Custom logo designs.
          69. Between the ages of 19-40 years old? Earn on average $75-$100 donating sperm, once per week. Look up your local sperm bank and see what they offer and qualifications.
          70. Women can sell their eggs for a few thousand dollars.
          71. Donate plasma and earn up to $50 per week by donating twice per week.
          72. Live in an area that has lots of local produce? Dehydrate local fruit and sell roadside.
          73. Open a beer tasting room – if you live in an area with many micro brews, wouldn’t there be as many or more beer aficionados as wine snobs?
          74. Deliver pizzas – work part time and earn up to $1000 per month in extra income or one guy commented he added $3500 a year by working Saturday evenings only. Popular among Dave Ramsey fans who take on extra jobs to get rid of debt. Good at telling stories? Write a blog about your pizza delivery adventures telling stories of the people you meet. One guy did this on a Dave Ramsey forum and was a huge hit. If you get enough people visiting your blog, could earn a little extra on advertising and affiliate links. And free pizza is always welcome!
          75. Auto/RV Driveaway job for dealerships>.
          76. Become a voiceover artist – even people who don’t hit it big can make $40k-$80k. Like music bands, the key is to create your own style, not imitate other styles.
          77. Build pet enclosures – or any type of custom animal closures. Here’s an article of a young couple building custom coops to make some extra money on the side, and another page with some helpful links.
          78. Become a celebrant.
          79. Garden starter service – put your tiller to work and sow what customers want for a fee, give them care instructions, all they do is water and pick in season. Could be vegetables or flowers.
          80. Build a business hiring freelancers on Elance or Upwork.com. Outsource skills you don’t care to deal with and not have to hire employees.
            • Read this story on how an app company was built using this strategy.
          81. Fiverr.com – advertise things you’ll do for $5.
          82. Prepare business plans.
          83. Work night shift and/or weekends manning the hotel front desk.
          84. Web design and graphic design
          85. Computer security consulting
          86. Grant writing for non-profits
          87. College scholarship search service
          88. Beekeeper – sell honey and possibly rent your bees to farmers for pollination services. See this a lot in the Northwest farms and orchards. Use the wax to make candles or sell to candle makers.
          89. Invent play packets for kids to keep busy in the car or on planes. Design something that will attach to the back of seats or tray tables. No doubt parents would LOVE you for this!!
          90. Modeling – hand modeling, foot modeling, model your awesome smile
          91. Home/office organizing service
          92. Write a blog or be a guest blogger on a subject you’re very knowledgeable about.
          93. Editing service
          94. Recycle wooden pallets for cash
          95. Sign language interpreter
          96. Critter removal service – most areas require a license. Raccoons alone could keep you busy and there are those who don’t have the know-how to trap and don’t want them killed. I have woods around my house and have personally trapped couple dozen in my backyard over last 18 months or so and relocated. Always new ones moving in!
          97. Work for an investigative agency serving notices (I know of one place that does this in Portland, earning $15 per notice served)
          98. Computer maintenance
          99. Home inventory service – photo/video documenting all household belongings for insurance purposes
          100. Parking lot striping service
          101. Paint red fire zones on curbs for businesses and have yearly maintenance visits
          102. Paint home address numbers on curbs or driveway – niche: instead of plain, black numbers – add their favorite college or sports team logo in color. Or family crest? Think of other logos homeowners might enjoy displaying.
          103. Driving school instructor
          104. Massage therapist (set up at airports, fairs, malls, weekend sporting events like 5k’s and mini triathlons, etc) offering not only full body, but 10 min neck, shoulder rubs. Foot rubs too? If you like adventure or bike touring, work with an adventure/bike touring company as their staff massotherapist. Can work for a fee paid by the company, receive group tips, plus free trips.
          105. Tax preparation
          106. Mountaineer guide
          107. Fishing guide
          108. Mobile boat cleaning/maintenance service
          109. Personal training/aerobic classes in the home
          110. Make up some other form of weight loss or fitness training – like backpacking fitness (one guy is doing it – fatpacking.com)
          111. Yoga instructor
          112. Teach newly certified personal trainers how to market themselves and be successful. Lots of programs on becoming certified, not enough on how to be successful and therefore a high attrition rate. Can do for other fields like real estate, life insurance agents, massage therapists, cosmetologists, and others. They’ve spent hundreds of dollars to become certified, why not invest another $200-300 to learn how to attract business specifically for their field?
          113. Rent boats or jet skis on a monthly subscription basis
          114. Many consumers would like to buy branded items or services, but can’t afford them. Repackage and sell a top branded item in smaller packages or doses.
          115. Lots of women would like to have a well known, branded purse, but can’t afford it. How about a service that rents these expensive purses or handbags for a night or few days? Allow someone to look real stylish for a special night.
          116. Offer small business owners to call their overdue receivables. Get % of total dollars brought in from these accounts they were about to send to collections.
          117. Part time chimney sweep
          118. Be a host for guests to stay in your extra bedroom with Airbnb
          119. Catering
          120. Wedding photography
          121. Resume writing/career coaching
          122. Lawn/Landscaping service
          123. Take in a roommate or rent out your basement
          124. Moving service – have your own truck and workers or have them rent the truck, you provide the muscles
          125. Clean houses, apartments, business offices, or bars & restaurants – niche idea: use all green cleaning products for environmentally aware customers
            • Care.com – can search for local house cleaning job requests (use top search box – Find a ____ in ZIP ____)
          126. Blog setup/design
          127. Find local businesses not using social media and offer your social media expertise. Could earn $500+/month per business.
          128. Work at a temp agency
          129. Nightclub musician or stand on a busy sidewalk and collect tips for your music
          130. Bartender – offer services to private parties. Work with caterers and event planners
          131. Shot Girl – huge in Texas country dance clubs. Can make $300+ per night. Wear bandolier with shot glasses and two gun holsters to hold the tequila bottles. Pour tequila shots down guys throats while wearing your cowgirl hat and boots. They love it!!
          132. Dog training/boarding/walking/grooming. Success story of lady who walks dogs for high profile individuals.
          133. Be a personal trainer for pets
          134. Poop scooping service
          135. Pet sitting – can find your own clients including signing up with a service like Care.com (use top search box – Find a ____ in ZIP ____) & Sittercity.com
          136. Pet taxi
          137. Sell your own pet treats or buy some wholesale, sell it roadside or a la ice cream truck style by the dog parks.
          138. Do tarot card or palm readings. Wear a big, goofy hat while doing it.
          139. Use your heavy duty pickup and 5th wheel towing ability to haul cattle/horses for regional ranchers
          140. Urban farmer – growing/selling produce thru hydroponics/aeroponics or raised garden plots in your backyard.
          141. Tutoring, teaching courses online. Tutors can make about $25-35 per hour depending on grade level. Lots of parents will pay for this type of service! Check the Craigslist ads.
          142. Grade tests online
          143. Sell stuff on eBay
          144. Consult with small businesses on parts of their business depending on your expertise – cutting costs, improving efficiency, sales/marketing, SEO, web design, social media marketing, management, accounting, tax prep, bookkeeping
          145. Songwriting
          146. Ghostwriting
          147. Copywriting
          148. Paint houses
          149. Pressure washing business
          150. Mobile car washing
          151. Mobile mechanic/tune ups/oil change service
          152. Handyman service
          153. Window washing
          154. Seal driveways
          155. Sell crafts/jewelry online (Etsy.com is huge), craft fairs, flea markets
          156. Woodworking – make small crafts or go bigger building your own furniture, fireplace mantels, decorative trim, cabinet doors
          157. Build a website to sell work of local artists for a commission
          158. Build a website to sell products of local small businesses w/o websites
          159. Build a website for your town/local businesses (ad revenue)
          160. Party planning/designing
          161. Entertainment inspirations
          162. Image consultant
          163. Mobile hair styling
          164. Mobile nail care
          165. Mobile skin care
          166. Photographer of little league games, selling pictures of kids to parents online after the games. Advertise website they can visit to buy pictures.
          167. Take photos and sell them on sites like istockphoto and Shutterstock
          168. Photography niche: become someone’s paparazzi for a day. They’ll send you a personal photo of them along with a description of their normal daily activities and any moment of mood or emotion they’d like to capture. You show up undisclosed and provide professional quality photos of how they appear to others and live out their lives. One place is doing this all over the world – www.methodizaz.com (This is a google search since website no longer exists. Can view images and Facebook page).
          169. Sell Avon or Mary Kay online/home parties
          170. Sell wine and wine gift baskets, such as from sites like Wine.com
          171. Make up your own gift basket theme to sell on your own website.
            • Do a google search for gift basket wholesalers, reseller accounts, or drop shippers.
            • Get more profit margin building your own baskets. Find some product ideas on Alibaba.com or Aliexpress.com.
          172. Sell medical scrubs online
          173. Rent textbooks online
          174. Weddings are huge – photography, write invitations, help with invitation wording, invitation mailing service, wedding planning, catering, DJ service, just something to make things easier and enjoyable for the bride!! One person in Portland, OR will mail your wedding invitations from a nearby town so it will have the postal stamp of Bridal Veil, OR. Do you have a similar town name nearby? Or maybe a town named North Pole for kids to receive letters from Santa?
          175. Mobile DJ
          176. Sell cupcakes, cookies, snack foods if near college campus
            • When asked how she makes extra money, one lady replied “I bake cakes, pies, banana pudding, peach cobbler, banana bread, brownies and I sell them”
          177. Midnight coffee/snack run service near college campuses
          178. Or a late night delivery service for other items – condoms, beverages, cigarettes, diapers, the list could be big.
          179. Home staging
          180. Photograph houses and their interiors for RE Agents
          181. Appraiser – work with RE Agents, banks, divorce lawyers, or when people put homes in a trust
          182. Kitchen/Bathroom designing consultant
          183. Consulting with homeowners to upgrade/increase home values
          184. Financial counseling – getting out of debt, teach smarter personal financing
          185. Sell/build cat runways/corner beds that sit up high in the rooms
          186. Design pet clothes. Sell on Etsy.com.
          187. Indoor/outdoor plant care service
          188. Use cooking skills to be a personal chef for special occasions, offer to cook a weeks worth of meals and stick them in their freezer to microwave later, offer personal cooking courses at their home. This could be big with the senior market who aren’t able to cook for themselves any longer.
          189. Clothes designing – sell patterns online at Craftsy.com
          190. Makeover specialist
          191. Professional waitstaff/bartending service for parties, events – work with caterers and party planners. Pay waiters on 1099, no employees! Very minimum inventory to keep (some uniform items like ties, vests, white shirts)
          192. Work with RE brokers to find houses and earn finder’s fees
          193. Holiday house decorating service
          194. Paint lawns green – for RE Agents or owners with homeowners association rules about brown grass.
          195. Landscaping design/consulting
          196. Sell your plasma
          197. Take part in medical studies, which typically pay a lot of money – check out ClinicalTrials.gov for any Phase I studies near you (for healthy volunteers). Phase II through IV typically require that you have the disease under study but there are always studies going on for everything under the sun. Can make few hundred bucks or more in just one weekend.
          198. Shopping/errand service for seniors/disabled/busy moms or executives
          199. Sell name brand bags and bedsheets on Amazon
          200. Sell baby bedding – huge keyword search stats for this!
          201. Baby niche idea – website, Amazon store selling nursery items
          202. Find something for rural people they can’t access easily, no Walmart nearby.
          203. If you live in a town that’s too far from an IKEA store – take orders online or Craigslist and provide a service to pick up, deliver, and even assemble their furniture purchases. Can also do with Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen.
          204. If you live in a town that has a popular manufacturer of outdoor products, knives, clothing, etc., buy in bulk at their yearly thrift store sales and resell on Ebay or Craigslist
          205. Become an affiliate marketer for alternate power manufacturers/distributors (dropshipping) – solar panels, wind generators, etc.
          206. Think of something that could use a more refreshing design, then design and build them (like storage sheds, play houses, tree houses)
          207. Refurbish old furniture you find on Craigslist, then resell.
          208. Upscale gift bags – use high quality shoulder style bags and put nice fragrances, bath/body items, etc
          209. Hauling service with your truck and/or trailer
          210. Buy cases of bottled water (around $3-$4 for 24), go to fairs or events and sell cold bottled water for $1 to hot and thirsty participants
          211. Collect or buy used coffee grounds from individuals/businesses to make garden compost for sale. Coffee grounds are considered very good compost material.
          212. Garage/attic cleaning/organizing service
          213. Design/build home shelving
          214. Have an inventory of bikes, shuttle people to an elevated starting point and can coast down a scenic route to a pickup point
          215. Become a rafting guide during summers
          216. Segway tours company
          217. Have points of interest in your town? Provide bicycle or segway tours.
          218. Become a kayak guide
          219. Cycling tours/backpacking tours/adventure tours
          220. Make soap or candles to sell on Etsy.com
          221. Create press kits for bands and businesses
          222. Design/make handmade invitations/greeting cards/stationary
          223. Clock building
          224. Event sound/lighting service
          225. Lunch truck driving around to different job sites – let people know where you are on Twitter. Or make it a cupcake truck! Dream up your own item to sell from a truck.
          226. I heard of someone selling dinner in a jar at a festival – take a mason jar and layer it with BBQ meat, beans, cole slaw all the way to the top. It was pretty popular!
          227. Sell other mason jar food
          228. Mobile car detailing
          229. Pin striping service for autos/motorcycles/boats
          230. Design/sell a squirrel proof bird feeder that actually works. Wire one up that will give a little shock by remote or indoor switch.
          231. Build/sell bird houses
          232. Concrete staining service
          233. Make unusual picture frames
          234. Refurbish wood floors
          235. Bouncing castle service for kids parties, local events
          236. Harley Davidson taxi service (with side car, of course)
          237. There’s some Harley Davidson hearse services out there too
          238. Plan/host kids theme parties
          239. Start a school drop off/pickup service for working parents.
          240. Design/build book ends
          241. Online manners coach
          242. Online ethics coach
          243. Make and bag your own compost to sell
          244. Watchband/watch designer
          245. Referee your favorite sport. Get certified thru a weekend course, make approximately $50 per game depending on sport.
          246. If not referee, can be shotclock operator at college basketball games. It pays about $30-75 a game depending on the institution. If there is both a men’s game and a women’s game, it is doubled.
          247. Concierge service for seniors
          248. Become a doula
          249. Buy a vending machine and sell items of your choice or creativity (besides candy). Like blue jeans, t-shirts, seed bombs, office supplies, whatever you can dream up.
          250. Design/build/install above ground home irrigation systems
          251. If you have a skill you’re good at (bee keeping, cheese making, soap, candles, whatever) find a store that sells related products and ask if they’re interested in hosting a workshop. Negotiate a split of the fees and materials to where it’s win/win, and look for local outlets for promoting the event. Remind the retail or organization who is hosting the workshop that you are bringing them more customers.
          252. Work as an usher at your local theater/playhouse or minor league sports team stadium. Earn a little side cash plus free tickets.
          253. Aquarium fish breeder. Comment from one who does this part time:

“breed certain species of fish to sell to shops, aquariums or fish keepers. I make about $30 on some baby fish and $120 on others, I make an estimate of 500 a month. Note, this isn’t my job, it is my hobby. To start you should learn how to set up a proper fish tank – I mean heaters, filters, air pumps. And it all depends on how much you have to spend on your tank or tanks if you plan on making a breeding system. Also you might want to read a few breeding guide online too for certain fish that you like and want to breed.”

254. Refurbish laptops – resell locally or overseas to less developed countries
255. Fix broken smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops. Can learn by viewing how-to videos on YouTube and IFixit.com.
256. Winter service idea – Booze delivery service to fisherman’s ice houses.
257. Roast coffee and sell at farmers markets. Here’s a quote from someone who’s doing it –

I roast coffee. I used to co-own a coffeehouse with my wife and we had a nice reputation. Sold the shop a couple of years ago as it wasn’t making enough to provide comfortably for both of us. But I’d learned roasting, bought a 1 lb coffee roaster and use that to roast coffees which I sell at farmer’s markets. It’s worth a few grand a year as a side business with the additional benefit that I pay far less for exceptional coffee than most of you do.

258. Design skills? Create pre-made book covers and sell to self-publishing authors.
259. Some are making $500+/month writing erotica short stories and selling on Amazon.
260. Work PT as a stage hand at your local theatre.
261. Live in a no-sales-tax state? Buy hardcover books at Costco and resell for $5-10 more on Amazon.
262. Market to single mothers – take kids fishing for a fee, or arrange meetup at fishing hole to provide a how-to fishing day camp
263. Learn how to cast metal in your backyard and sell on Ebay, craft shows, and/or flea markets.
264. Photography niche – wedding proposals. Be present to document the candid and emotional moment of popping the big question! Charge in the range of $150-200 per 30 minutes for unlimited photos.
265. If you play violin or cello, players have mentioned there’s good side job money playing for weddings. Some funerals also request their services.
266. Medical billing professionals can start a patient advocate service – use your knowledge to help patients understand their medical bills from hospitals and doctor’s offices, why they owe the money that they’re being billed for, or why they actually DON’T owe the money that they’re being billed for since many offices do, at times, have erroneous charges and don’t take them off. Can also help negotiate settlements for legit bills/balances that are owed, etc. Act on behalf of the patient’s needs, be completely on the patient’s side, not the provider’s side, unless it’s a legit charge/bill.
267. This kid burns custom etchings into driftwood he finds on the beach with a magnifying glass.
268. If you live near a medical/nursing school: look around for a Standardized Patient Program. You’d basically be an actor, portraying a case to medical students in exam situations. Today you could have knee pain, tomorrow a chest cold, the day after that you’re an abused spouse. Interesting, flexible, decent pay (approx. $15+/hr) and maybe 4-15 hours of work a month, depending on the time of year. The qualifications are generally “can show up on time, remember things, and communicate effectively.”
269. Perform live removal of beehives from houses, offices, or other buildings. Sell honey from the rescued hives.
270. Be a party princess – dress up as Disney princesses (with minor alterations and such to avoid getting a cease and desist letter from Disney), and entertain kids at parties. Have activities planned and know your character inside and out. Can charge $50 – 70 an hour.
271. Be a website user tester and earn $10 per test at Usertesting.com – website owners pay testers to visit their sites for feedback on its usability.
272. A designated driver strategy some people do is have the assigned person collect $20 from each of his friends that he’ll take to the bars. That way they don’t have to worry about a cab, have a sober person available that’ll save any trouble with the police, and the driver will have made an easy $40-120 that weekend.
273. Refurbish and sell vintage axes