March 16, 2016

15 Unique Side Jobs for Women, Part 2

This is not a complete list, but picked some from the huge brainstorming list that would be a bit different than the popular suggestions you see online.

  1. Dog walking –  Success story of lady who walks dogs for high profile individuals.
    • Another niche is advertising yourself as a pet personal trainer.  Walk or play with dogs and cats in their home or take dogs out for a run 3x/week.
  2. Pet sitting – can find your own clients including signing up with a service.  Save clients money compared to a boarding kennel and not have to stay in a cage all day.
  3. Heard about a woman who was very good at wrapping presents.  November/December she was able to secure a small space on the mall floor and became a hit with the shoppers.
  4. Provide suburban backyard campouts – themed camping for kids, adults, girls night outs.  Can do in backyards, parks, or events.
  5. Buy a photo booth and rent for parties and events.
  6. Provide night vision tours – using night vision goggles, people can spot animals in a forest or walking thru a zoo.  Haunted tours? How about a late night, creepy historic cemetery tour or an old historic hotel. What other places would be fun and interesting at night?  Plus, wearing night vision goggles is just cool.
  7. Drive for Uber if you have a vehicle less than 10 years old.
  8. Interested in house sitting for someone’s property all over the world?  Read the Caretaker’s Gazette.
  9. Become a celebrant.
  10. Garden starter service – put your tiller to work and sow what customers want for a fee, give them care instructions, all they do is water and pick in season.  Could be vegetables or flowers.
  11. – advertise things you’ll do for $5
  12. Home/office organizing service
  13. Make up some other form of weight loss or fitness training – like backpacking fitness (one guy is doing it – &
  14. Teach certified personal trainers how to market themselves and be successful.  Lots of programs on becoming certified, not enough on how to be successful and therefore a high attrition rate.  Can do for other fields like real estate, life insurance agents, massage therapists, cosmetologists, and others.  They’ve spent hundreds of dollars to become certified, why not invest another $200-300 to learn how to attract business specifically for their field?
  15. Lots of women would like to have a well known, branded purse, but can’t afford it.  How about a service that rents these expensive purses or handbags for a night or few days?  Allow someone to look real stylish for a special night.


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