March 16, 2016

Independent rep and earn free jewelry with Premier Designs

Here’s an opportunity to be your own boss as a part time or full time independent rep selling jewelry for Premier Designs, a direct sales jewelry company.

Independent reps, or Jewelers, showcase Premier’s jewelry in hostess’s homes and make 50% commission on every sale, which is paid immediately regardless of volume sold and no quotas to meet.  Plus, anyone you sponsor will earn you 10% commission on the wholesale to compensate you for time spent mentoring them.  10% is also earned for any 2nd and 3rd tier levels of your organization.

Having inventory is not required, but would be ideal as showcasing strictly out of a catalog would restrict potential sales.  After all, it’s fun to have a get together with a few bottles of wine and try on new jewelry right?  Could even combine this with a wine tasting party.

I found a comment from one who has had success representing Premier –

My wife started with Premier Jewelry, and it’s been great. Firstly, they started the company to help fund mission trips. Their sellers show at parties where the hostesses get up to a few hundred dollars worth of free jewelry (which is a nice incentive to book shows). My wife makes a 50% commission on all sales (regardless of how much or how little was sold), and is only responsible for shipping fees. The last show she did was a little more than $2k, and the cost for her was less than 20 bucks for shipping. The hostess benefits do not come out of the seller’s pocket either.

Until Premier she had been out of work for 7 months, and honestly, this company has been a god-send.

edit: I thought I should add, that most things in the catalogue (seller’s do have actual items to show, not just the book) are around 20 bucks, and I don’t think I saw anything over 50, so there’s usually something that people not only want, but can actually afford

I know there is a startup fee that is a few hundred dollars, and Premier offers jewelry packages at a huge discount one time only to new sellers (it never costs more than 50% otherwise though).  I believe the retail on the package my wife bought was somewhere around $2k, and she paid 7 or 8 hundred for it.  With the other startup fee it was around $1,100.

I choked when I heard that was the cost and immediately thought “what a scam”.  But, I knew two others who were selling it successfully so I went along with my wife on it.  She ended up making it back in her first two shows.  Generally, sellers make around $250 per show, so even if they only book one show a week, they make back the startup costs after about a month.

Sellers also make a 10% commission on all sales from people they sign up, and people those people sign up.  My wife was just at a meeting for sellers where one woman who has been with the company for a few years just got a commission check for $27,000 for one month.  The potential is crazy, it’s all a matter of how much work one puts into it.


If this seems like something you’d like to look into, take a look at Premier Designs website.
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