March 16, 2016

Photography niche idea – Letter Art Photography

Nice idea for a unique photography niche as a part time side hustle – taking pictures of objects representing letters of the alphabet to form words, in this case town names with pictures of objects representing that town. Take a look at this Detroit News article in what this photographer has done and also has […]

Pros and cons from a real world weekend wedding photographer

What’s your idea of making extra money as a wedding photographer?  How much time do you actually spend performing your favorite activity of shooting pictures?   Naturally it’s preferable to make sure your skills are up to snuff to satisfy the wedding party (especially the bride!), providing professional grade portraits.  One individual offered up his […]

The 20 most common second jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pretty cool infographic from  This is based in the UK –   Find a second job in your area on our Job Board!  

Teacher makes more with videographer side job

It’s a shame teachers get paid as little as they do considering the impact they have on our lives.  Here’s a story about a teacher in Tanzania who makes more money in a week working a side job as a videographer than his monthly salary as a teacher – From The Citizen Moonlighting: Are you […]