March 16, 2016

Insane profits freelance writing for B2B software developers

Found this interesting discussion thread on Reddit. ┬áIf you have good writing skills AND decent knowledge in the software industry, you could make some big bucks here. Here’s the condensed part of the answers, then can click into the site to read further into this hot discussion – Given my current work and lifestyle, I […]

Hot Google trend – Chocolate recipes

While doing some keyword research for chocolate trends, I noticed chocolate recipes has over 2 million searches while having a low competition rate, as shown below –     Thought this might have some potential for a website to make money from advertisements and chocolate affiliates for anyone who loves chocolate and would like to […]

Get paid for your writing at

Textbroker is a website for those needing custom and unique content for projects like a press release, marketing copy, or magazine content.  Clients submit their orders for writing needed, authors who are registered to Textbroker will write up content based on the clients needs and submitted.  Textbroker’s editorial staff will evaluate and check the content […]

Flex time jobs for stay-at-home moms and baby boomers

I was lucky to come across a job search website that provides a quality source of online work or companies offering flexible and part-time hours performing traditional work in 50 categories.  The site is and since the link has been posted on the Side Jobs List, it has quickly gained momentum as a top […]

Use your speedy typing skills as a freelance transcriber

Are you a fast and accurate typist?  You could do well working as a freelance transcriptionist.  Although a certification or educational background in transcription could give you an advantage, in many cases it’s not necessary.  As long as you can provide proof that you can get the job done in a speedy and accurate manner, […]