April 26, 2016

Want to work real estate part time?

Is it worth the time and effort to spend weeks studying for a real estate agent/broker license, pass an extensive test, then take a chance that one can sell houses on a part time basis?  Many consider real estate for their side job and maybe even move into it full time once they attract more clients.  I considered this a few years ago and went as far as studying and passing the brokers exam for Oregon, but never went further.

Not trying to talk anyone out of being an agent, real estate can be a great paying job with flexibility and satisfaction for those who have a plan and consistently work it.  A high percentage of fresh agents end up moving on to something else within their first year.  Many do not know some factors to consider before putting out the effort and money for licensing.  It is mainly sales and shaking bushes to find clients, not a lot of house showings as some might think.

Is it possible to be successful? Heck yeah it is, despite what a bunch of naysayers will tell you.  Have a marketing plan to attract clients and work it diligently – pass the word among your friends and neighbors, take time to walk your area and knock on doors with informational flyers, team up with a FT agent.  There are ways to make it happen.

Here’s some straight up info to consider before spending time, effort, and money into a part time real estate career –

  • If someone wants to begin part time showing clients in evenings and weekends while working their day job, it could be a while until that first client asks for your services and little to no commissions coming in.
  • The first few months as a new agent can be exhausting – a great deal of time will be spent in the beginning learning the ropes, training, getting prospecting systems set up, etc.
  • Being part time is possible, though you will have great competition with FT agents.
  • Can you handle the scheduling and “urgent” requests? – If you have a day job, do you have a flexible schedule as to meet a client, agent, mortgage broker who won’t be available during your non-work hours?  And if you can meet up, what if the meeting goes longer than expected?  Will this cause problems with your employer?  If an urgent situation pops up, a client sees a new listing they HAVE to see today between 2-3pm, can you do it?
  • And although it’s okay to tell a client you can’t meet at their request, because you are a working agent and have other clients and commitments to serve, not meeting reasonable requests too many times will cause them to go somewhere else.
  • Will there be family support and understanding as you put in the extra hours to gain clients?

If this fits your desire then definitely go for it.  The key is to treat it like a business, be persistent, and do some kind of prospecting every day to get your name out there and find clients.  Eventually referrals will begin to roll in more and more.  Even though I haven’t done anything with the license, it was fun learning.


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