May 23, 2017


Side job ideas and ways to make extra money

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Examples of side hustlers

Partial post from Creative Money by Mindy Crary Renee was a client service coordinate for a financial adviser friend of mine.  Her background was in non-profit event management, but she couldn’t find a position in that field with the economy being so tough the past several years.  Her boss loved the fact that she was […]

Vino Virtuoso – Host wine tasting parties and get paid

I was looking around for a different type of direct selling that could more interesting and unique than selling makeup and Tupperware.  And success! I stumbled on Vino Virtuoso, which is a company specializing in wine tastings for homes and offices. According to their website, 87% of all the wine consumed in the U.S. today […]

Tips for a successful garage or yard sale

Yard sales are always effective to bring in a few hundred dollars, plus the bonus of getting rid of all your extra stuff and gaining a bit of space.  Audrey at Audrey Confidential has 8 great tips for creating an effective yard sale.  Here are four of her tips –   1. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. […]

11 bad habits of small business owners

Putting too much emphasis on business name and logo – Customers want to know how you can help them, not how cool your business looks.  Definitely want a professional image, but don’t dwell on details too long.  Getting infatuated with details too early leads to disagreement, meetings, and delays. You get lost in things that […]

Transporting Vehicles, RV’s, Boats for Dealerships

I learned about this type of work at my previous employer.  The company rented fleet vans out of Austin, TX and new vans were driven by folks doing some part time work in their spare time, driving the vans from Austin to any of our locations nationwide, forgoing using a big truck to haul it.  […]