March 16, 2016

People don’t buy what you do…

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek Stumbled across this innovative Ted video from Simon Sinek.  What makes Apple, the Wright Brothers, and Dr. Martin Luther King so successful others cannot achieve their level of success?  Many companies, groups, and individuals are giving out the wrong marketing […]

Free small business forms and agreements

Found a couple sites that provide free contract samples for use in a small business.  There are dozens offered here ranging from home maintenance, cleaning contracts, car selling, rentals, events, and all kinds of professional services.  If you’re looking to starting your own small business, see if these can help you out.  Might have to […]

Creating additional income streams for your side job

You’ve found a niche for a little side job or scored a second job needed for a little extra money. That’s a fantastic feat for sure. How would you like to score some savvy points and create another income stream with that gig? Smart businesses won’t put all eggs in one basket to earn their […]

Avon Rep tips to attract new customers

How many women do you know started selling Avon, or a similar direct selling item, only to quit after a short while?  Or they only used it to get discounted products since finding clients is too hard? Selling Avon, Mary Kay, and many other items can be tough since there are so many other reps […]

How to become a success in real estate

Selling real estate can be a great career with a flexible schedule, being your own boss, and potential to make great money whether you’d like to do it full time or part time.  Veteran agents who remember what it was like during their green months give their feedback on what generally works to get started […]