March 16, 2016

15 Unique Side Jobs for Women, Part 1

This is not a complete list, but picked some from the huge brainstorming list that would be a bit different than the popular suggestions you see online.

  1. Become a professional lice picker – can charge $200+ an hour!
  2. Sell jewelry as an independent rep for Premier Designs
  3. Get on Craigslist and scrounge the Gigs section for odd jobs like event help, computer gigs, home maintenance, writing, photography, all kinds of stuff.
  4. Do people love to touch your hair? Cash in on your lovely locks.  Many get $300 to over $1000 –
  5. Sign up to become a juror on – review cases, answer questions, get paid about $5 – $10 per case.
  6. Hallmark Greeting Cards offers part time positions,mainly merchandisers in retail stores and other partnered stores like Walmart. Work can range from 3-20 hrs per week.
  7. Design and sell custom bridal veils
  8. Become an online tutor.  Make an average $20/hr.  Need college degree, math and science high in demand:
  9. Work parties and events as a temporary tattoo artist.
  10. Saw this idea in an online forum (unedited) –
    • “i make and sell personalised kids placemats and door signs i sell them on ebay and carboot sales and make quite a lot of money, i sell them for £2.50 each or 3 for £6, I make them with all kids favourite characters from pepper pig to harry potter, I take orders and can make them with any picture they like. they usually just tell me what there kids are into and then ill email them some examples and they decide which 1 they like best.
      I personalise them with any text they like, the most popular are the placemats as I’ve found a lot of mums have found that they can get their kids to sit at the dinner table a lot easier with them. they usually have something along the lines of EMMAS DINNER or JACK’S DINNER DO NOT TOUCH/ SOPHIE SITS HERE.
      I find this a great little money maker as people always love to be able to help design their own stuff for their kids.”
  11. Go to library sales and resell books on Ebay or Amazon.
  12. Get paid being part of a focus group
  13. Use your calligraphy talents to create custom items for personal events –
    • Handmade invitations or greeting cards
  14. Take in a kid or two to watch.  Market to teachers at your local schools to watch their kids. Or sign up with these services which do background checks –
  15. Sign up for elderly or senior sitting.  Background checks required –


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