March 16, 2016

12 Legitimate Online Sidejob Ideas

These are some of the unique ones picked from the huge brainstorming list

  1. Sign up to become a juror on – review cases, answer questions, get paid about $5 – $10 per case.
  2. Be a website user tester and earn $10 per test at – website owners pay testers to visit their sites for feedback on its usability.
  3. Create an online course and share your expertise, plus get paid!
  4. Find a flex position, temporary, full-time,or part time position in your area or online at
  5. Act as an investor earning an average 10-12% on small personal loans with  You’d be taking part in group funding per loan – can do small partial investment or fully fund the loan yourself.
  6. Grade tests online.
  7. Become an online tutor.  Make an average $20/hr:
  8. Get paid being part of a focus group.  Participation options are online, telephone, or in person.
  9. Affiliate marketing website – if you’re a good promoter or have expertise in an industry, you could set up website or blog to educate while having links to industry related products, earning a commission if they click the link and buy.  Here are three of the top sites offering affiliate opportunities:
  10. Be a transcriber contractor.
  11. Build a business hiring freelancers on  Outsource skills you don’t care to deal with and not have to hire employees.
  12. – advertise things you’ll do for $5.

Other ideas that involve setting up a website and work from home as an independent business –

  • Prepare business plans.
  • Fluent in another language?  Translate popular blogs.  There are very few transcriptions of popular blogs in the East or West.
  • Web design and graphic design
  • College scholarship search service
  • Editing service
  • Teach newly certified personal trainers how to market themselves and be successful.  Lots of programs on becoming certified, not enough on how to be successful and therefore a high attrition rate.  Can do for other fields like real estate, life insurance agents, massage therapists, cosmetologists, and others.  They’ve spent hundreds of dollars to become certified, why not invest another $200-300 to learn how to attract business specifically for their field?
  • Resume writing/career coaching.  Get gigs as a freelancer on and Craigslist.
  • Blog setup/design
  • Make up your own gift basket theme to sell on your own website.
    • Do a google search for gift basket wholesalers, reseller accounts, or drop shippers.
    • Get more profit margin building your own baskets.  Find some product ideas on or
  • Clothes designing – sell patterns online at
  • Become an affiliate marketer for alternate power manufacturers/distributors (drop shipping) – solar panels, wind generators, etc.
  • Make soap or candles to sell on
  • Design skills?  Create pre-made book covers and sell to self-publishing authors.
  • Medical billing professionals can start a patient advocate service – use your knowledge to help patients understand their medical bills from hospitals and doctor’s offices, why they owe the money that they’re being billed for, or why they actually DON’T owe the money that they’re being billed for since many offices do, at times, have erroneous charges and don’t take them off. Can also help negotiate settlements for legit bills/balances that are owed, etc. Act on behalf of the patient’s needs, be completely on the patient’s side, not the provider’s side, unless it’s a legit charge/bill. runs on a StudioPress Premium Wordpress Theme

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