March 16, 2016

Story of woman’s successful dog walking business

Story from The Hants Journal by Ashley Thompson   Linda Townsend’s new job is a far cry from the Halifax-based, 9-to-5 corporate marketing gigs she held for 20 years. And, she’s loving every minute of it. Townsend, the former marketing director for the Park Lane Shopping Centre, traded a downtown office for the backwoods of […]

Become A Successful Personal Trainer

If you love fitness, coaching others, and have the heart of a teacher, personal training can be a fantastic side job opportunity. In a private setting, trainers can start with $25/session and more once you’ve gained experience and a good reputation. I’ve personally known independent trainers who have the ability to charge $50 – $75 […]

Start A Backpacking Weight Loss & Fitness Business

Here’s a superb story in non-traditional thinking in the very competitive fitness industry.  Steve Silberberg’s Fatpacking specializes in weight loss backpacking – arranging trips and take their clients on wilderness hiking vacations aimed at improving fitness, lowering bodyfat percentage, and enjoying an unforgettable wilderness experience.  Nice alternative to hiring a traditional personal trainer. I’ve personally […]