March 16, 2016

Become a 10lb Chocolate Bar Affiliate

Now here is a unique product.  Stumbled across this site and thought this could be a decent money maker on the side.  Chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Heavy Chocolate has associated with the world-famous 137-year old Guittard Chocolate Company of San Francisco, California. These 10 lb chocolate bars come in 4 different flavors – Old Dutch Milk… French Vanilla Dark… Gourmet Bitter Sweet… and High Sierra White – at $69.95 each.  You get paid $5 for each bar sold.

Program Highlights:

  • $5 Commission on each bar sold

    • 90-Day Cookie—Tracks your prospects’ visits so you can earn commissions long after their initial visits and on multiple orders
    • Professional Customer Support Hotline
    • 30-Day No-Nonsense Guarantee-Assures 100% customer satisfaction
    • Free ground shipping, although highly recommend cold packing and ship via 2-3 day delivery during warmer months
    • PLUS… since we specialize in selling to both individuals and businesses, many orders are for multiple bars, which means extra-rich profits for you!

A good selling point is their 30 Day Guarantee – Return any uneaten portion for a refund, no questions asked.

Quotation of their written guarantee from the website

“Our Famous 30-Day, No-Nonsense Guarantee of Superior Quality
We‘re the only company that sells these giant bars exclusively.
Our chocolate is always the freshest it can be… they don’t sit on a shelf for months because we sell so many! Please be aware of companies offering large bars, but don’t guarantee their freshness. Chocolate is like a sponge and readily absorbs other flavors when not store properly. Our storage facilities have exactingly strict quality control measures and assure that HEAVY CHOCOLATE bars arrive at your home or office as fresh and delicious as the day they were crafted: with NO “cross-over” flavors you might experience in large bars sold by those not specializing in high-end, confectionary-grade chocolate. We sell to discriminating individuals and corporations worldwide and insist that every HEAVY CHOCOLATE® bar meets the same exact standards demanded by today’s top confectionary shops and world-class chocolatiers. You will immediately notice the difference. If for any reason you’re not 100% thrilled, return the uneaten portion for a refund.”

With all the holidays spread out during the year and individuals celebrating landmark birthdays and anniversaries, this has the potential of providing a pretty consistent source of extra cash.

Marketing Ideas

  • Create a one page website with your affiliate link.  Create your own website, using a site like WordPress or Squidoo for a free page.  Since this will be more than likely purchased as a gift item for parties, include a list of party or gift ideas for a 10 lb block of chocolate.  Include affiliate links to websites for gift baskets, wines, coffee, and florists.  Post pictures of celebrators enjoying the chocolate at their function to post on your website along with testimonial quotes.
  • Make up some flyers to post around town.  Have those pulloff tabs at the bottom with your website address containing the affiliate link.
  • Print up postcards from places like, acquire a mailing list for upscale zip codes in your area and do small mailing campaigns.  For example – order 10,000 postcards and perform 1 mailing of 2,000 cards for 5 months.  Or perform 1 mailing of 1000 cards for 10 months.  This strategy is more effective than one massive mailing where most recipients will forget about you soon after that one mailing day.
  • Individual sales are good for sure, definitely would like to market this as a gift idea for party groups – birthday parties, retirement parties, corporate parties, motorcycle clubs, party stores, any place where groups of people gather or live. Retirement homes?  Develop good relations with florist shops and coffee houses.  And maybe hit up some folks who like to smoke weed, preferably right when they’re taking their hits.  Should be ready for some super snacks by that time!
  • Seek out partnerships with complimentary businesses that provide products and services similar to yours.  Offer to hand out each others brochures with orders or services.  Most businesses will agree as this is exposing both sides to more customers at a reduced cost.
  • Recommend to buy as a group to save money per person
  • Create gift baskets around this item including wines, coffee, cheese, or even a jar of peanut butter and milk!  Creativity could be quite expansive on this one.


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