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Pet enclosures are either a permanent or a temporary structure intended to confine a dog, cat, ferret, rabbits, or multiple pets to a designated space. Pet enclosures also have a secondary function of keeping other animals out, such as predators (coyotes, wolves, etc.) or prey (birds, mice, etc.). Enclosures may be constructed in either an indoor or an outdoor environment.

When a pet enclosure is constructed outdoors, it is used to prevent pets from wandering off where they may become lost, endangered by cars, or eaten by predators. Domestic breeders may use indoor enclosures to separate animals or encourage selective breeding. One specific situation where a pet enclosure is particularly useful is when a pet is moved from one house to another. Certain pets have an instinctive drive to return home, which is normally beneficial, but can endanger the pet immediately after a move if the distance between homes is significant. Placing a pet in an outdoor enclosure when it reaches its new home will prevent them from performing this instinctive behavior.

Most domestic pet enclosures are constructed of a metal or wood frame with a steel wire mesh. Considering that some pets are excellent jumpers and climbers, most enclosures also feature some type of roof structure to prevent them from escaping. An enclosure may or may not have an integral floor. For those enclosures that do not have an integral floor, the existing surface where the enclosure is constructed serves as the floor.

If this is something that you might be interested in, check out some of the sites below for pictures and other information.

Some links to get you started:

Many of these revolve around cats, but can also be used for most pets:

Pictures of cat enclosures

Habitat Haven

This is one you can buy online.  Many customers might prefer a custom built enclosure designed around their unique space.

Books for DIY pet housing

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