April 26, 2016

How one woman turned her dog-walking side gig into an elite business without borrowing a dime

Kara Kleindienst’s business, The Barking Meter, is as high-pressure as a dog-walking company can be. TBM is trusted with more than 100 of New York City’s most pampered and posh pups (pictured throughout this post) — dogs owned by designer Philip Lim, fashion industry pro Lauren Santo Domingo, actress Blair Brown, and a slew of […]

Become a Headhunter! Get $200 an Hour as a Lice Picker

                          Professional lice removal seems it could be a high paying job and wouldn’t have a huge startup cost in supplies and being able to base out of your home office.  Many groups could be marketed for this critical service – not only […]

Story of woman’s successful dog walking business

Story from The Hants Journal by Ashley Thompson   Linda Townsend’s new job is a far cry from the Halifax-based, 9-to-5 corporate marketing gigs she held for 20 years. And, she’s loving every minute of it. Townsend, the former marketing director for the Park Lane Shopping Centre, traded a downtown office for the backwoods of […]

Build Pet Enclosures

Pet enclosures are either a permanent or a temporary structure intended to confine a dog, cat, ferret, rabbits, or multiple pets to a designated space. Pet enclosures also have a secondary function of keeping other animals out, such as predators (coyotes, wolves, etc.) or prey (birds, mice, etc.). Enclosures may be constructed in either an […]