April 26, 2016

Top 7 highest paying retail jobs

Many second job seekers just want to find an hourly job to work after they finish their day job or work extra hours on the weekends.  No worries about trying to attract customers for a new business cleaning houses, mowing lawns, or painting houses.  Just show up, work, collect that extra check, and go home.  Retail stores are one of the more popular types of work that are seeked out.

From Forbes magazine:  Glassdoor.com compiled a custom report for Forbes that ranked the retail companies that pay their sales associates the most in hourly wages. Here are Glassdoor.com’s top 15 picks. The methodology covers companies with at least 10 salary reports, based on data compiled over the last 2.5 years. The salaries reported are for retail sales associates positions only –

1. Container Store – $12.76/hr

2. Nordstrom – $12.29/hr

3. Sephora – $12.15/hr

4. Home Depot – $12.13/hr

5. Bloomingdale’s – $11.65/hr

6. Lowe’s – $10.93/hr

7. L’Occitane – $10.44/hr

When I searched around on Glassdoor for retail sales average hourly pay, working as a Geek Squad member averaged $12/hr nationwide in the US.  Seems associates at T-mobile and AT&T retail stores do well too, around $12-$13/hr.

Do you know of other stores that pay well?  Leave your feedback to us in the comments.


Read the rest of the article for all 15 job picks >> In Pictures: The Highest Paying Retail Sales Jobs


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  1. Heyimbleu says:

    Mac pays 15 and up an hour


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