April 26, 2016

Start A Backpacking Weight Loss & Fitness Business

Here’s a superb story in non-traditional thinking in the very competitive fitness industry.  Steve Silberberg’s Fatpacking specializes in weight loss backpacking – arranging trips and take their clients on wilderness hiking vacations aimed at improving fitness, lowering bodyfat percentage, and enjoying an unforgettable wilderness experience.  Nice alternative to hiring a traditional personal trainer.

I’ve personally experienced these multi-day backpacking trips (Appalachian Trail hike in 2007) where you can quickly lose some serious bodyfat while walking up and down mountains all day with a 30-40 lb pack on your back, even when you’re eating whatever you want.  You can do trips wherever there’s some local trails and campsites, a riverwalk or bike path in town,  or arrange trips nationally such as Shenandoah National Park, Smoky Mountains, Arizona Trail, hike around Mt. Ranier or Mt. Hood, Alaska, Europe, Australia –  the choices are plentiful!

As big as the fitness and fat loss industry is, numerous individuals are looking for a new and unique weight loss program for a strategy change to get some last bits of poundage off or a way to kick start a fitness program and get a quick success under their belt.  Backpacking fitness is a superb strategic option to offer.

Read the story here.

Outdoor Weight Loss Program

Photo from Fatpacking.com


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