April 26, 2016

Tips for a successful garage or yard sale

Yard sales are always effective to bring in a few hundred dollars, plus the bonus of getting rid of all your extra stuff and gaining a bit of space.  Audrey at Audrey Confidential has 8 great tips for creating an effective yard sale.  Here are four of her tips –   1. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. […]

Creating additional income streams for your side job

You’ve found a niche for a little side job or scored a second job needed for a little extra money. That’s a fantastic feat for sure. How would you like to score some savvy points and create another income stream with that gig? Smart businesses won’t put all eggs in one basket to earn their […]

Couple added $11000 without a second job

Sometimes when we’re in need of extra money, a common quick solution is to get an extra job or find something to earn a little extra cash.  It’s easy to forget one place that could generate a little money is our monthly spending habits.  Making some sacrifices and being creative with spending using what we […]

When shouldn’t you get a second job?

In our quest to make more money or start a part time business after work, it’s easy to get all gung-ho on the idea of picking up that second job or start advertising our new business without factoring in issues realizing they could make the second job not such a bright idea.  The extra money […]

How are these newlyweds paying off debt with one income?

Eric and Erika have a blog about their adventures in living off one income and paying down their debts, all while living in high-cost-of-living Southern California.  They’ve started with a good amount of debt where they haven’t been able to take a honeymoon yet!  But are working to save for one this October, which she […]