April 25, 2016

Insane profits freelance writing for B2B software developers

Found this interesting discussion thread on Reddit.  If you have good writing skills AND decent knowledge in the software industry, you could make some big bucks here. Here’s the condensed part of the answers, then can click into the site to read further into this hot discussion – Given my current work and lifestyle, I […]

Freelance Computer Tech

Use your IT skills for PC maintenance house calls.  Since computers are a huge part of our every day lives, there are those who haven’t learned or have no desire to learn how to do routine maintenance for their desktop computers or laptops.  Just like those who don’t know much about cars, they outsource the […]

Computer Security Consultant

Computer security consultants work with individuals or small businesses to help protect their private data from security threats involving hackers stealing personal information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, emails, etc.   Private individuals want to feel safe while browsing around the internet.  Your service can help them feel safer from email viruses and […]