November 29, 2014


How are these newlyweds paying off debt with one income?

Eric and Erika have a blog about their adventures in living off one income and paying down their debts, all while living in high-cost-of-living Southern California.  They’ve started with a good amount of debt where they haven’t been able to take a honeymoon yet!  But are working to save for one this October, which she […]

Make extra cash packing parachutes

Quote from someone who’s familiar with it – “If you are mechanically inclined and can work with your hands, packing parachutes at your local drop zone is killer money. I taught my son to pack chutes when he was 13 years old and he averages about $150-$200 per day, Saturdays and Sundays. We have mostly […]

Photography niche idea – Letter Art Photography

Nice idea for a unique photography niche as a part time side hustle – taking pictures of objects representing letters of the alphabet to form words, in this case town names with pictures of objects representing that town. Take a look at this Detroit News article in what this photographer has done and also has […]

Tips for a successful garage or yard sale

Yard sales are always effective to bring in a few hundred dollars, plus the bonus of getting rid of all your extra stuff and gaining a bit of space.  Audrey at Audrey Confidential has 8 great tips for creating an effective yard sale.  Here are four of her tips –   1. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. […]

How to market like a drug dealer

Others recognize that although those pushing illegal drugs to others is morally wrong and some end up killing people, these guys do have skills that are effective in the legitimate business arena – Drug dealers are ALWAYS walking their territory – drug dealers know persistence is the key – they’re very familiar with their community […]