October 21, 2014


Independent rep and earn free jewelry with Premier Designs

Here’s an opportunity to be your own boss as a part time or full time independent rep selling jewelry for Premier Designs, a direct sales jewelry company. Independent reps, or Jewelers, showcase Premier’s jewelry in hostess’s homes and make 50% commission on every sale, which is paid immediately regardless of volume sold and no quotas […]

Voice-Over Talent

If your ideal job entails working eight to 10 hours a week, making about $100,000 per year, then being a voice-over artist might be right for you. If, that is, you have a unique voice or talent. Jeannie Stith broke into the business through a friend. “He was doing voice-over work and spoke to our […]

Make extra cash packing parachutes

Quote from someone who’s familiar with it – “If you are mechanically inclined and can work with your hands, packing parachutes at your local drop zone is killer money. I taught my son to pack chutes when he was 13 years old and he averages about $150-$200 per day, Saturdays and Sundays. We have mostly […]

Start a house painting business

Many individuals have turned part-time house painting into a full time, multi-employee business for themselves.  College students are notorious for doing this kind of work since it’s easy to start and has great potential for good money.   And who else could think of ways to build it up successfully with minimal starting capital? If you […]

Couple added $11000 without a second job

Sometimes when we’re in need of extra money, a common quick solution is to get an extra job or find something to earn a little extra cash.  It’s easy to forget one place that could generate a little money is our monthly spending habits.  Making some sacrifices and being creative with spending using what we […]