February 10, 2016


Artist side jobs

Here’s some ideas for those that have exceptional painting, drawing, or other creative skills: Set up shop on any of these online platforms – Etsy.com, ArtFire.com, Bonanza.com T-shirt designs, logo designs – there’s free logo design programs on the web, then attach your design to items on Cafepress to sell. Sign up as a designer […]

Introverted Real Estate Agent – Sell with Soul

Are you an introvert thinking about being an agent?  There are successful introverted agents out there who’ve found ways to network without having to doorknock and cold call.  A highly recommended sales book specifically written with introverts in mind is Sell with Soul: Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your […]

Transporting Vehicles, RV’s, Boats for Dealerships

I learned about this type of work at my previous employer.  The company rented fleet vans out of Austin, TX and new vans were driven by folks doing some part time work in their spare time, driving the vans from Austin to any of our locations nationwide, forgoing using a big truck to haul it.  […]

160+ party plan businesses

Dane Carlson over at Business Opportunities website has composed a list of many direct sales businesses and has them separated by category.  Browse through his list and see if any catches your interest – 160+ Party Plan Businesses

What to sell on Ebay

Thousands make extra money selling part time or full time on Ebay.  You may have entertained the thought but not sure what could be worth selling since there’s many others selling the same items.  Unique items will have better odds of selling well since many categories are pretty saturated – like pre-owned clothing and Coach […]