July 31, 2014


Wanna know how to boost sales by 700%?

Stick an iPad in a blender and put it on YouTube! Okay, not everyone can benefit their business this way.  But Blendtech can – Blendtech has come up with a creative (and genius) way to promote their blenders and increase consumer awareness of their brand – make YouTube videos blending various objects to demonstrate it’s […]

Help Small Business Owners by Writing Business Plans

This can be a good online home business helping people map out a plan for strategic or quality management for their new or existing business and help gain funding if they’re trying get a business loan.  Most people who try to start a business without some written guidance usually fail.  If you have a strong […]

What to sell on Ebay

Thousands make extra money selling part time or full time on Ebay.  You may have entertained the thought but not sure what could be worth selling since there’s many others selling the same items.  Unique items will have better odds of selling well since many categories are pretty saturated – like pre-owned clothing and Coach […]

Android app for finding side jobs

This was a little surprising to come across an app specifically for side jobs.  Figured they’d all be for regular jobs on the popular job boards, but according to Latest Android Apps, this smart phone tool is geared to those looking for the non-traditional FT work in the US. Here’s the description from Latest Android […]

Basic Steps For Starting A Small Business

  Dave Ramsey has proven he can run a very successful small business and run it debt free.  He gives some very basic, yet so important, pointers on starting your home business.  Going into debt to start a business without any revenue being generated is a high risk to take when the odds are against […]