September 4, 2015


How to become a success in real estate

Selling real estate can be a great career with a flexible schedule, being your own boss, and potential to make great money whether you’d like to do it full time or part time.  Veteran agents who remember what it was like during their green months give their feedback on what generally works to get started […]

How Entrepreneurs Picked Their Business

From WSJ/Small Business Picking Your Business By Sarah E. Needleman FOR SEGUNDO BALDOVINO, the decision to become an entrepreneur last year was a no-brainer. The hard part was choosing what type of business to launch. Mr. Baldovino was laid off in January 2009 from a management position at Ford Motor in Detroit. After several months […]

Vino Virtuoso – Host wine tasting parties and get paid

I was looking around for a different type of direct selling that could more interesting and unique than selling makeup and Tupperware.  And success! I stumbled on Vino Virtuoso, which is a company specializing in wine tastings for homes and offices. According to their website, 87% of all the wine consumed in the U.S. today […]

Resume – what info is important to recruiters?

When searching for your second job, if it involves sending in a resume, is your resume formatted for easy scanning and have the important features about you pop out for them? According to this article in Business Insider, recruiters will make a decision about you within 6 seconds of scanning.  Here’s a heat map of […]

Free E-book – What Matters Now

Seth Godin has produced a free e-book compiled of 70+ entrepreneurs and big thinkers called What Matters Now. Reading these short essays has produced some remarkable insight and light bulb moments for new or improved side job ideas.  Seth has gathered short, one page, thought provoking essays from the likes of Dave Ramsey, Guy Kawasaki, […]