April 29, 2016


Tips for a successful garage or yard sale

Yard sales are always effective to bring in a few hundred dollars, plus the bonus of getting rid of all your extra stuff and gaining a bit of space.  Audrey at Audrey Confidential has 8 great tips for creating an effective yard sale.  Here are four of her tips –   1. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. […]

Start A Backpacking Weight Loss & Fitness Business

Here’s a superb story in non-traditional thinking in the very competitive fitness industry.  Steve Silberberg’s Fatpacking specializes in weight loss backpacking – arranging trips and take their clients on wilderness hiking vacations aimed at improving fitness, lowering bodyfat percentage, and enjoying an unforgettable wilderness experience.  Nice alternative to hiring a traditional personal trainer. I’ve personally […]

Sell custom designed tshirts

Most everyone loves to get a tshirt, especially if there’s a unique design or saying plastered on it.  Heck, college kids will put their name on a credit card application just for the sole purpose of scoring a free tshirt.  If you have skills as an artist, coming up with your own designs won’t be […]

Tips From a Working Transcriber

I recently found some good feedback from a person who works from home with online transcription services. She gives some good tips here, equipment suggestions, and an idea of the pay range you can expect.  Here it is in her words – I do transcription from home. Mostly reality TV interviews but there’s a lot […]

15 Unique Night Job Ideas

  Security guard 3rd shift warehouse work Find a night auditor position at a hotel Check out this online search for more night shift positions.  Enter your location to customize. A few options you can do online Work as an embalming assistant at a funeral home – it’s quiet, climate controlled, and possibly a night […]