April 24, 2014


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Unhappy yet getting paid

Does this describe you? Are you currently working a job or career that might have been good in the beginning but doesn’t get you revved up anymore than it did when you first started?  Or maybe you’ve found this career field isn’t what you imagined during your college studies, you’re just tolerating it and merely [...]

Become a 10lb Chocolate Bar Affiliate

Now here is a unique product.  Stumbled across this site and thought this could be a decent money maker on the side.  Chocolate is a multi-billion dollar industry. Heavy Chocolate has associated with the world-famous 137-year old Guittard Chocolate Company of San Francisco, California. These 10 lb chocolate bars come in 4 different flavors – [...]

Reselling items bought in Vietnam

My hiking buddy visits Vietnam about twice a year because his son has an orphanage there.  He was telling me how he came across an American lady and her husband who stated they come to Vietnam every year and travel around for 3-4 months.  They weren’t retired or super wealthy, the lady stated they find [...]

Avon Rep tips to attract new customers

How many women do you know started selling Avon, or a similar direct selling item, only to quit after a short while?  Or they only used it to get discounted products since finding clients is too hard? Selling Avon, Mary Kay, and many other items can be tough since there are so many other reps [...]

Artist side jobs

Here’s some ideas for those that have exceptional painting, drawing, or other creative skills: Set up shop on any of these online platforms – Etsy.com, ArtFire.com, Bonanza.com T-shirt designs, logo designs – there’s free logo design programs on the web, then attach your design to items on Cafepress to sell. Sign up as a designer [...]