March 29, 2017


Home/Office Organizing Business

If you have a flair for putting things in their place and have everyone asking for your help in de-cluttering their house or office, then starting an organizing business might be for you.  You’ll be working with hoarders, pack rats, busy moms, busy executives, seniors, and many others so they can find their stuff more […]

Man who fixes typewriters out of his utility barn

Terry Vorten witnessed firsthand the death throes of a once-world-beating analog technology—the typewriter. Its destruction turned his lucrative profession repairing the machines into an anachronistic cottage industry. The 69-year-old resident of the Shelby County town of Fairland might be the last typewriter repairman in central Indiana. Vorten, who these days works out of a tricked-out […]

15 Unique Side Jobs for Women, Part 2

This is not a complete list, but picked some from the huge brainstorming list that would be a bit different than the popular suggestions you see online. Dog walking –  Success story of lady who walks dogs for high profile individuals. Another niche is advertising yourself as a pet personal trainer.  Walk or play with […]

More highest paying retail sales associate salaries

There is a recent post for the highest paying retail jobs according to  I did another search on Glassdoor for part time sales associate salaries and wanted to post the results for you. The companies with an average pay of $10 or more are listed below.  It seems the best ones are jewelry, high […]

Couple added $11000 without a second job

Sometimes when we’re in need of extra money, a common quick solution is to get an extra job or find something to earn a little extra cash.  It’s easy to forget one place that could generate a little money is our monthly spending habits.  Making some sacrifices and being creative with spending using what we […]