October 31, 2014


Moving business niche – Divorced men

A nice idea is to advertise a moving service to those who’ve just recently been divorced, or maybe want their stuff moved out before their wife comes home!  Might be able to charge a higher price than normal moving circumstances since they want to high tail it outta there! Here’s one person who did well […]

Insane profits freelance writing for B2B software developers

Found this interesting discussion thread on Reddit.  If you have good writing skills AND decent knowledge in the software industry, you could make some big bucks here. Here’s the condensed part of the answers, then can click into the site to read further into this hot discussion – Given my current work and lifestyle, I […]

Top 7 highest paying retail jobs

Many second job seekers just want to find an hourly job to work after they finish their day job or work extra hours on the weekends.  No worries about trying to attract customers for a new business cleaning houses, mowing lawns, or painting houses.  Just show up, work, collect that extra check, and go home.  […]

How to market like a drug dealer

Others recognize that although those pushing illegal drugs to others is morally wrong and some end up killing people, these guys do have skills that are effective in the legitimate business arena – Drug dealers are ALWAYS walking their territory – drug dealers know persistence is the key – they’re very familiar with their community […]

How are these newlyweds paying off debt with one income?

Eric and Erika have a blog about their adventures in living off one income and paying down their debts, all while living in high-cost-of-living Southern California.  They’ve started with a good amount of debt where they haven’t been able to take a honeymoon yet!  But are working to save for one this October, which she […]