September 23, 2014


Artist side jobs

Here’s some ideas for those that have exceptional painting, drawing, or other creative skills: Set up shop on any of these online platforms –,, T-shirt designs, logo designs – there’s free logo design programs on the web, then attach your design to items on Cafepress to sell. Sign up as a designer […]

Android app for finding side jobs

This was a little surprising to come across an app specifically for side jobs.  Figured they’d all be for regular jobs on the popular job boards, but according to Latest Android Apps, this smart phone tool is geared to those looking for the non-traditional FT work in the US. Here’s the description from Latest Android […]

Recycle Wood Pallets For Cash

Here’s a quick, easy start to earn some cash if you already have a pickup.  Warehouses who receive truck shipments will receive their products on wood pallets, commonly  48×40 size.  Some warehouses reuse or send the pallets back to the shipping companies, but others have no use for extra pallets and place them outside for […]

How are these newlyweds paying off debt with one income?

Eric and Erika have a blog about their adventures in living off one income and paying down their debts, all while living in high-cost-of-living Southern California.  They’ve started with a good amount of debt where they haven’t been able to take a honeymoon yet!  But are working to save for one this October, which she […]

Temporary Tattoo Artist

Add fun to festivals and home parties! Are you good at copying artwork or even freehand?  Then you could possibly start a side job drawing temporary tattoos. Have your own set of drawings for people to choose from or have them bring you their own piece of art for you to paint on whatever bodypart […]