April 18, 2014


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Hot Google trend – Chocolate recipes

While doing some keyword research for chocolate trends, I noticed chocolate recipes has over 2 million searches while having a low competition rate, as shown below –     Thought this might have some potential for a website to make money from advertisements and chocolate affiliates for anyone who loves chocolate and would like to [...]

Avon Rep tips to attract new customers

How many women do you know started selling Avon, or a similar direct selling item, only to quit after a short while?  Or they only used it to get discounted products since finding clients is too hard? Selling Avon, Mary Kay, and many other items can be tough since there are so many other reps [...]

How a teen earned $250,000

15 year old Sam Vrinios found a way to personalize video game controllers and didn’t expect it to go as big as it has.  In less than two years he’s already pulled in around $250,000 and demand is still picking up around the world.  His most effective form of advertising was showcasing his work on [...]

The 20 most common second jobs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pretty cool infographic from Valuewalk.com.  This is based in the UK –   Find a second job in your area on our Job Board!  

Man Cave – Home parties designed for men

Okay men, I know we’ve been super jealous of the many opportunities women have selling makeup and candles (sarcasm intended).  But alas, no more! Now there’s an option geared toward us guys in the direct selling market, and that option is Man Cave.  As the website states, “it’s direct sales with testosterone!” As a Man [...]