October 26, 2016


Build Pet Enclosures

Pet enclosures are either a permanent or a temporary structure intended to confine a dog, cat, ferret, rabbits, or multiple pets to a designated space. Pet enclosures also have a secondary function of keeping other animals out, such as predators (coyotes, wolves, etc.) or prey (birds, mice, etc.). Enclosures may be constructed in either an […]

Vending machine alternative…

  I’ve seen some comments where someone dabbled in setting up vending machines and found their area too saturated with the same idea.  This guy found an alternative in old gaming equipment – I bought a used pinball machine, fixed it up and got it working. Then another, and another, until I had a garage […]

W Va Woman’s Job of Cleaning Up Meth Labs

Seems like you hear more stories of towns dealing with the growing meth lab problem. As they get busted, someone has to come in and clean up.  That’s where this West Virginia woman, Jennifer Rhyne, has developed a unique, in demand position acting as a not-your-everyday housecleaner. And it’s not your $20/hr job either..more like +/- $10,000! […]

What to sell on Ebay

Thousands make extra money selling part time or full time on Ebay.  You may have entertained the thought but not sure what could be worth selling since there’s many others selling the same items.  Unique items will have better odds of selling well since many categories are pretty saturated – like pre-owned clothing and Coach […]

Man who fixes typewriters out of his utility barn

Terry Vorten witnessed firsthand the death throes of a once-world-beating analog technology—the typewriter. Its destruction turned his lucrative profession repairing the machines into an anachronistic cottage industry. The 69-year-old resident of the Shelby County town of Fairland might be the last typewriter repairman in central Indiana. Vorten, who these days works out of a tricked-out […]