August 28, 2014


Wanna know how to boost sales by 700%?

Stick an iPad in a blender and put it on YouTube! Okay, not everyone can benefit their business this way.  But Blendtech can – Blendtech has come up with a creative (and genius) way to promote their blenders and increase consumer awareness of their brand – make YouTube videos blending various objects to demonstrate it’s […]

Couple added $11000 without a second job

Sometimes when we’re in need of extra money, a common quick solution is to get an extra job or find something to earn a little extra cash.  It’s easy to forget one place that could generate a little money is our monthly spending habits.  Making some sacrifices and being creative with spending using what we […]

Recycle Wood Pallets For Cash

Here’s a quick, easy start to earn some cash if you already have a pickup.  Warehouses who receive truck shipments will receive their products on wood pallets, commonly  48×40 size.  Some warehouses reuse or send the pallets back to the shipping companies, but others have no use for extra pallets and place them outside for […]

Basic Steps For Starting A Small Business

  Dave Ramsey has proven he can run a very successful small business and run it debt free.  He gives some very basic, yet so important, pointers on starting your home business.  Going into debt to start a business without any revenue being generated is a high risk to take when the odds are against […]

Creating additional income streams for your side job

You’ve found a niche for a little side job or scored a second job needed for a little extra money. That’s a fantastic feat for sure. How would you like to score some savvy points and create another income stream with that gig? Smart businesses won’t put all eggs in one basket to earn their […]