March 1, 2017


Sell your breast milk for extra money

Learned from the Work at Home Moms forum that new mothers can sell their extra breast milk online.  While some mothers breasts will be milk producing overachievers, others won’t put out enough for their babies. According to, 1 in 8 babies in the United States are born premature every year and are in need […]

Tips For Getting and Keeping Up With A Second Job

Guest post by Gordon McCallahan I’m going to start this post by providing a real life case scenario of a friend of mine who has been working two jobs for the past four years. The tips for getting and keeping up with a second job will actually be conclusions withdrawn from this example. Let’s call […]

Unhappy yet getting paid

Does this describe you? Are you currently working a job or career that might have been good in the beginning but doesn’t get you revved up anymore than it did when you first started?  Or maybe you’ve found this career field isn’t what you imagined during your college studies, you’re just tolerating it and merely […]

Here’s a man restoring vintage trailers for his side job (or main one!)

Stumbled across this Craigslist ad in Alabama.  I do mention restoring old rv’s for resale in the idea list, this guy found his niche and doing it for real.  Nothing fancy, he mentions he repaints, applies rubber sealing to keep out the weather, and replaces any rotten wood.  Surely he’s making a few bucks out […]

Design custom bridal headpieces as a Veil Artist

Being known as a Veil Artist could be a way to design and create while helping brides add some custom flair on their wedding day by designing your own style of bridal veils.  According to Google keywords, custom veils has a high search volume with low competition.  Could be an ideal niche that hasn’t developed […]