December 2, 2016


Computer Security Consultant

Computer security consultants work with individuals or small businesses to help protect their private data from security threats involving hackers stealing personal information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, emails, etc.   Private individuals want to feel safe while browsing around the internet.  Your service can help them feel safer from email viruses and […]

Start a house painting business

Many individuals have turned part-time house painting into a full time, multi-employee business for themselves.  College students are notorious for doing this kind of work since it’s easy to start and has great potential for good money.   And who else could think of ways to build it up successfully with minimal starting capital? If you […]

Basic Steps For Starting A Small Business

  Dave Ramsey has proven he can run a very successful small business and run it debt free.  He gives some very basic, yet so important, pointers on starting your home business.  Going into debt to start a business without any revenue being generated is a high risk to take when the odds are against […]

Want to work real estate part time?

Is it worth the time and effort to spend weeks studying for a real estate agent/broker license, pass an extensive test, then take a chance that one can sell houses on a part time basis?  Many consider real estate for their side job and maybe even move into it full time once they attract more […]

15 Unique Night Job Ideas

  Security guard 3rd shift warehouse work Find a night auditor position at a hotel Check out this online search for more night shift positions.  Enter your location to customize. A few options you can do online Work as an embalming assistant at a funeral home – it’s quiet, climate controlled, and possibly a night […]