April 26, 2016

Work From Home Freelancing

Being free with freelancing

If you have skills in web programming/designing, writing, marketing, admin skills, or any multitude of business skills you could use in consulting work, sites like Upwork.com might be an excellent way to bid on jobs to perform from home and earn extra income or make it a full time home business.  Or advertise your skills on free sites like Craigslist.

Businesses and individuals list the jobs they need to outsource with a budget range they can afford to pay.  Freelancers bid on the task in a bidding forum and attempt to get hired.  You can bid on multiple jobs to work while your other bids wait to be accepted.

A drawback about this forum is it is very competitive and have bidders from overseas as well.  Could be slow at first, but once you get a reputation formed, getting work accepted could be much easier.   Browse through the site and observe how much money other individuals and companies have earned through this site.

Freelancing Sites:




Sologig.com – freelance site for IT and Engineering pros


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