April 28, 2016

Man who fixes typewriters out of his utility barn

Terry Vorten witnessed firsthand the death throes of a once-world-beating analog technology—the typewriter. Its destruction turned his lucrative profession repairing the machines into an anachronistic cottage industry. The 69-year-old resident of the Shelby County town of Fairland might be the last typewriter repairman in central Indiana. Vorten, who these days works out of a tricked-out […]

W Va Woman’s Job of Cleaning Up Meth Labs

Seems like you hear more stories of towns dealing with the growing meth lab problem. As they get busted, someone has to come in and clean up.  That’s where this West Virginia woman, Jennifer Rhyne, has developed a unique, in demand position acting as a not-your-everyday housecleaner. And it’s not your $20/hr job either..more like +/- $10,000! […]

Refurbish and sell used spark plugs

Here’s a great example of ingenuity – Almost anything can be sold at flea markets and swap meets; however, some lines seem to out pull most of the rest. One guy has set up a regular route and collects used spark plugs from dozens of service stations and garages. He takes them home, soaks them […]

Hot Google trend – Chocolate recipes

While doing some keyword research for chocolate trends, I noticed chocolate recipes has over 2 million searches while having a low competition rate, as shown below –     Thought this might have some potential for a website to make money from advertisements and chocolate affiliates for anyone who loves chocolate and would like to […]

Story of a woman who turned snuggling into a successful business

Story written by Laura Stampler  – This July, we profiled New York grad student Jackie Samuel’s (unique) side business, which she started to help pay the bills. Samuel, 29, advertises $1 a minute for cuddling sessions from her Penfield, N.Y., home, which is now known as The Snuggery. It looks like what started small is now […]