May 26, 2012

Temporary Tattoo Artist

Draw temporary tattoos at parties or events

Add fun to festivals and home parties!

Are you good at copying artwork or even freehand?  Then you could possibly start a side job drawing temporary tattoos.

Have your own set of drawings for people to choose from or have them bring you their own piece of art for you to paint on whatever bodypart they’d like.  Have a kid’s face painting party!

Can do this on the street, festivals, art fairs, and home parties – kids parties, bridal showers, girls night outs.  Could take 3-4 minutes for basic designs.

Charge $5 for basic and $10-$20 for more premium tattoos.  For parties, can charge by the hour with a 2 hour minimum.

“I got one done at a local street festival in Chicago on Sunday, took the artist… 3-4 minutes tops to do the design I selected, she did one for me and two of my friends in less than 15 minutes.”

Take a look at Tattoo Me to see some of their designs and can even purchase their digital design books if you’d like.

Temporary Tattoos website offers a bulk resale service using your artwork, or have their assistance.  You can sell Custom Temporary Tattoos and have your branding on the back of every tattoo. When your customer is ready to order again, they’ll see your website or phone number on the back of every tattoo.


Can start with some free business cards, car magnets, and flyers.  Give them to family, friends, neighbors to pass around at work.  You might score some events this way and word will start passing around about your tattoo business.  Offer a referral bonus of something like 10-20% off the deposit or $50 cash to the referring person.  Anything to encourage others to spread the word.

You can build a basic website along with a trusted hosting service to point people to your ultimate place of information about your tattoo services.

Advertise on Craigslist pointing to your website link.  Post business cards or flyers at party stores, and post your info on websites like Gig Salad.

Seek out partnerships with complimentary businesses that provide products and services similar to yours.  Offer to hand out each others brochures with orders or services.  Most businesses will agree as this is exposing both sides to more potential customers at a reduced cost.

Print up a tshirt with your business name and wear it all the time!  Use your local printing service or online at Cafepress.  Hand out some free shirts to your family, friends, and neighbors too.

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