April 17, 2016

Temporary Tattoo Artist

Add fun to festivals and home parties! Are you good at copying artwork or even freehand?  Then you could possibly start a side job drawing temporary tattoos. Have your own set of drawings for people to choose from or have them bring you their own piece of art for you to paint on whatever bodypart […]

Artist side jobs

Here’s some ideas for those that have exceptional painting, drawing, or other creative skills: Set up shop on any of these online platforms – Etsy.com, ArtFire.com, Bonanza.com T-shirt designs, logo designs – there’s free logo design programs on the web, then attach your design to items on Cafepress to sell. Sign up as a designer […]

Work From Home Freelancing

If you have skills in web programming/designing, writing, marketing, admin skills, or any multitude of business skills you could use in consulting work, sites like Upwork.com might be an excellent way to bid on jobs to perform from home and earn extra income or make it a full time home business.  Or advertise your skills […]

Voice-Over Talent

If your ideal job entails working eight to 10 hours a week, making about $100,000 per year, then being a voice-over artist might be right for you. If, that is, you have a unique voice or talent. Jeannie Stith broke into the business through a friend. “He was doing voice-over work and spoke to our […]

Build Pet Enclosures

Pet enclosures are either a permanent or a temporary structure intended to confine a dog, cat, ferret, rabbits, or multiple pets to a designated space. Pet enclosures also have a secondary function of keeping other animals out, such as predators (coyotes, wolves, etc.) or prey (birds, mice, etc.). Enclosures may be constructed in either an […]