W Va Woman’s Job of Cleaning Up Meth Labs

Get certified to clean up busted meth houses

Get certified to clean up busted meth houses

Seems like you hear more stories of towns dealing with the growing meth lab problem. As they get busted, someone has to come in and clean up.  That’s where this West Virginia woman, Jennifer Rhyne, has developed a unique, in demand position acting as a not-your-everyday housecleaner.

And it’s not your $20/hr job either..more like +/- $10,000!

The article is an interesting read of what she handles during the process.  If this idea strikes any interest with you, here’s a quick breakdown of what Jennifer needed to do in order to be trained and certified:

  1. Class on handling hazardous materials – $350
  2. Multi-day program on the risks of meth sites – $800
  3. Methamphetamine remediation license – $300 annually
  4. Meth remediation technician certificates for herself and each employee – $50 annually

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