April 25, 2016

Become a Headhunter! Get $200 an Hour as a Lice Picker

Photo Credit: trollspotting.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: trollspotting.wordpress.com














Professional lice removal seems it could be a high paying job and wouldn’t have a huge startup cost in supplies and being able to base out of your home office.  Many groups could be marketed for this critical service – not only in-home, but also with babysitters, nannies, child care centers, senior services, schools, nurses, physicians, camps, and universities.  Can also give your name to hair stylists to refer their effected clients. Pets, horses, alpacas, and other animals could become clients as well.

A tidbit from David Hochman at the New York Times, a pretty compelling piece about what this service charges:

The fee for rendering her children’s scalps lice-free? Roughly $300, not including recommended follow-up visits and products like combs and organic lice shampoos.

In yet another example of outsourcing, upscale lice consultants are handling a job that anxious, busy parents hesitate to take on themselves. Alarmed by notes sent home from school nurses or frantic calls from baby sitters, parents are giving specialists like Ms. Goldreyer brisk business.

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Didn’t see that providing a lice removal service requires one to be certified, but could definitely provide credibility for anyone doing this as a business.

One institute that trains and certifies lice removal specialists is The Shepherd Institute.  Check out their locations as Shepherd has partnered with facilities in the US, Canada, Europe, and Mexico.


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