April 25, 2016

Lawnmowing business model ideas

Some business model ideas for lawn mowing –

Buy your own equipment – what the majority of owners do, no doubt you’ve seen many trucks and trailers being pulled around town with commercial grade mowers and gas trimmers.  Unless you already have most of it, a lot of money will be spent up front for riding mower, gas trimmer, maybe a blower, brooms, rakes, and a trailer.  Naturally it would be feasible and pretty easy to find these items on Craigslist or your local pawn shop.  Many folks get fired up starting their own business and think they have to go out and buy a lot of shiny, brand new equipment.  The wise business owners start small and upgrade equipment as the business starts to generate a good cash flow.

Green business model – a more upfront expense business model, market yourself as doing your part to help the environment using electric mowers and trimmers.  One business I saw used solar panels on their trucks for the ability to charge equipment on the spot.  Another green business here.  The fee might be a little more than the traditional mowing service, surely most people would understand environmental caring will cost a little more.

Use their equipment model – nice way to break into the business without having a big upfront expense.  Most homeowners will already have lawn equipment and will outsource the job for whatever reason.  Market to these people that your fee will be slightly less using their equipment, you’re just providing the labor.


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