April 26, 2016

Man Cave – Home parties designed for men

Eat meat, be manly, and make moneyOkay men, I know we’ve been super jealous of the many opportunities women have selling makeup and candles (sarcasm intended).  But alas, no more!

Now there’s an option geared toward us guys in the direct selling market, and that option is Man Cave.  As the website states, “it’s direct sales with testosterone!”

As a Man Cave Guide, here’s what happens:

1. Organize home parties for guys called MEATings.

2. Guys eat, drink, and be manly while Guides showcase legendary Man Cave products at MEATings.

3. Guys place orders and Guides earn great money – 25% commission.  Sign up other Guides and earn 7% off their sales.

According to an interview of owner Nick Beste, Beste said the company doesn’t use any hooks or gimmicks with its sales representatives.

“If you’re looking for millions of dollars and an oceanfront villa, we wish you the best, but that’s not what we’re trying to push for,” he said. “This is for the guy who wants to make a boat or a mortgage payment,” he said. “If you want to make $500 to $2,000 a month, we can definitely help you do that.”

Even though this business is geared towards the man market, there are plenty of women who take part.  According to current Guide Jesse Lakin in Killeen, TX, Lakin said the man-themed nature of the business doesn’t mean women are excluded. “I have tons of women customers, too,” he said. “We say they’re allowed to hang out in the man cave, but they’re not allowed to decorate it.”

Man Cave has been featured on GMA, take a look at the video to see an actual party –

One idea is you can host two parties in one – have a MEATing to supply and showcase meat and beer, at the same time showcase wine to compliment the meats as a wine educator.  You and your spouse can perform these 2-in-1 parties and double the income without increasing the time.

If Man Cave fits your liking, take a look at their website >> Man Cave


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