April 25, 2016

Get paid for your writing at Textbroker.com

Textbroker is a website for those needing custom and unique content for projects like a press release, marketing copy, or magazine content.  Clients submit their orders for writing needed, authors who are registered to Textbroker will write up content based on the clients needs and submitted.  Textbroker’s editorial staff will evaluate and check the content for originality before releasing to the client.  The client chooses the work they like and payment is released through PayPal, the client will have full ownership of the contents copyrights.

Authors are paid by the word – starting at a basic level, moving up a level as your quality improves, resulting in a higher per-word payment bracket.  Experienced and efficient writers can earn an easy $25 for every 500 words in their article.

The editors will provide feedback on your writing to help improve your craft.  There’s also a blog with tips, research tricks, and resources to maximize your writing quality.

There are times a client might like a certain authors work and will contact them directly for hire.  In those cases, authors have a chance to receive higher payments based on what you and the client work out.

Sign up for free – there’s no minimum or maximum work commitment with this site, choose as little or as much work as you’d like.

Okay, so what about the money?

Here’s a snapshot off their payment page

OpenOrders on Textbroker are paid by a fixed rate per word. The rate is set by the client’s chosen quality rate. If you are a level 4 author and you choose a level 2 assignment, you will be paid the level 2 rate. The total earnings for each assignment are shown in the order detail page so that you know exactly what you’ll be paid. Please see the chart below for price rates.

OpenOrders: Quality and payment rates¹
Article Qualitypayment per wordpayment per 500 words
(approximately one letter page)
2 stars: legible0.7 cents  3.50 USD
3 stars: good quality1.0 cents  5.00 USD
4 stars: excellent quality1.4 cents  7.00 USD
5 stars: professional quality5.0 cents  25.00 USD

1) As of July 4th, 2008, payment into a Paypal account requires a minimum balance of $10.00 US or more.

Interested?  For more info, visit Textbroker’s author page and the author’s blog.

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