April 27, 2016

Freelance Computer Tech

Make computer housecallsUse your IT skills for PC maintenance house calls.  Since computers are a huge part of our every day lives, there are those who haven’t learned or have no desire to learn how to do routine maintenance for their desktop computers or laptops.  Just like those who don’t know much about cars, they outsource the oil changes to the fast lube stations or their favorite wrench.

I know a common problem is when stations start running slower than they used to and folks take them to a big box store to fix – resulting in being overcharged for substandard work and poor customer service.

One guy took advantage of it:

“I’m a IT Systems Administrator by vocation. On the side I clean people’s computers; removing spyware, malware, viruses, doing tuneups, upgrades, and generally just making them run better. I get between $100-$200 per month doing this (I charge $50/hr, 1 hour minimum, but the consult is free). This rate is way cheaper than Geek Squad works for and I think I do a way more personable job as I work one-on-one with my clients. Once I graduate in August I plan to impliment some “Guerilla Marketing” techniques to boost this.”

Provide services like:

  • Restoring processing speed
  • Security
  • Virus removal
  • Memory upgrades
  • Data backups, recovery, and transfers
  • Software installations
  • Hardware upgrades or repairs
  • and maybe sell some laptops while your at it

Popular requests –

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • New modems that have been zapped in rural areas
  • My computer is too slow!
  • I can’t print!
  • Increasing memory
  • Replacing hard drives, CD drives
  • Monitor is dead
  • Wireless problems

Can market your services to any household, seniors, and small businesses.

The going rate I’ve seen averages $50/hour and more depending on your area and who you’re marketing to, and usually broken up into 15 minute segments.  One important feature to offer for your services is guaranteeing your work – usually a 30 day guarantee.  This can help you stand out from others who don’t guarantee their services and can lead to more calls.


Craigslist could be a good, free marketing source for this type of service.

Build a website using WordPress and a trusted hosting site, start a Facebook and Squidoo page would be ideal as well to provide more links to your website.  Include tidbits of info and articles not provided with the main website.  Create a list of basic computer maintenance tips (compliment with YouTube how-to videos), computer and software reviews with your recommendations along with affiliate links, provide links to local computer dealers known for their great service.

Use an economical source like VistaPrint to get car magnets and business cards created for low cost depending on what you get.  Can pound the pavement in town to pass these out to businesses and canvass some upscale neighborhoods.  Some small businesses, restaurants, grocery stores have corkboards where you can post your business card or flyer.

Have your parents, neighbors, and friends tell their workmates about your services and offer your business cards.  This could land you some immediate clients, then they can tell their acquaintances and so on getting the word of mouth in motion.

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