April 25, 2016

Earn $13.50/hr with online research

Came across someone who stated they earn an average $13.50/hr working online at home through Leapforce.com.

According to their website, “Leapforce At Home independent agents conduct in depth internet-based research and provide information evaluation for leading companies from around the globe. Ideal candidates are self-reliant, self-motivated, are very internet savvy, have a broad range of interests and enjoy online research and evaluation.”

After passing a two part qualification exam, you’ll be set up as an independent contractor to perform these tasks.

There are some reviews on Glassdoor you can browse to get a feel for what others have experienced.  The average hourly rate does show to be around $13.50/hr:


Reading through some of the Glassdoor reviews, there are some consistent negative feedback with support, but also have to take these negative reviews with a grain of salt as these can be from people with sour attitudes to begin with and probably don’t represent the majority.

One reviewer admitted it turned out not to be the position for her and knows plenty others who’ve been doing this work for a few years with no issues, just try it out yourself and see what you think.

The equipment and skills required are :

Equipment Requirements
  • High speed internet access (Cable Modem, DSL, etc.)
  • A personal computer running Mozilla’s free Firefox web browser, version 17.0.x esr.
  • Up to date anti-virus and anti-spyware software
Basic Skill Requirements
  • Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities
  • Excellent comprehension and written communication skills
  • Many Leapforce At Home independent agent assignments require fluency in a language other than English. For these assignments, independent agents will be required to pass a language assessment exam

Seem like your kind of work?  Check out their website and take the qualification exam at Leapforceathome.com


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