April 25, 2016

Design custom bridal headpieces as a Veil Artist

Being known as a Veil Artist could be a way to design and create while helping brides add some custom flair on their wedding day by designing your own style of bridal veils.  According to Google keywords, custom veils has a high search volume with low competition.  Could be an ideal niche that hasn’t developed a saturated market.  It does seem most businesses do provide more attention to the dress than the complimentary pieces.

If you enjoy fashion and have some seamstress skills, create a line for brides to choose and also offer custom services collaborating according to their tastes – simple, elaborate, short ones, super long ones, non-gathered to full-gathered, edgings, embellishments, have a choice of hair jewelry, whatever you can dream up.

Many brides dresses will sit in the closet or attic forever, some sell them after a few years or even have a Trash the Dress party, a custom designed veil could have the potential to be displayed like an art piece along with the wedding picture since it’s not huge and taking up as much space.


  • A website can be your main tool for displaying your work.  You can also have a blog, make some DIY videos or articles giving tips on how to create your own headpiece, wedding planning tips, money saving advice.  These can bring more views to your website, branding you as an expert, and will keep your name in mind if brides-to-be decide not to make it themselves and hire a designer.
    • During my research on a Google search, noticed a lot of veil websites were too cluttered, poorly designed, or the site didn’t quite have a quality look to it.  Having a simple, uncluttered site with larger, high quality photos of your veils could help you stand out among the competition.  I know WordPress has some themes that specialize in displaying art in a tasteful and pleasing manner, like the Decor theme or Landscape theme could do well in showcasing your veils.
    • Another tip I’d like to offer involves choice volume – if people have many choices displayed, it can become overwhelming and end up being frustrating as having too many options to deal with and end up walking away or clicking out of your website.  Keep the process as simple and easy as possible!
  • Create more awareness of your website by building a Squidoo lens displaying your work and recent client custom veils with a link to your main website.  Post tips in designing a veil, what to look for.  Post wedding tips and links to favorite wedding related websites.
  • Visit bridal shops promoting your headpieces.  They may be glad to sell on consignment, advertise, or buy veils in volume from a local artist.
  • Form an alliance with various vendors related to weddings – bridal shops, wedding photographers, hair stylists, caterers, planners, florists, anyone that gets involved with weddings.  At least 4-5 times per year, keep in touch with them so they get to know you and will refer your service when needed.
  • Same online – visit forums, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, blogs, etc. getting involved in discussions and answering questions.  After a while, you’ll get to know some good sites to visit, answering questions and building your reputation as an expert people can trust. Usually you’ll be able to have your website link in your signature and will help drive potential clients to the website, ranking your webpage on a higher level with the search engines.
  • Attend art festivals, bridal shows displaying your work.  Have some business cards and brochures handy to hand out.
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