April 26, 2016

Creating additional income streams for your side job

Milk it from many income streamsYou’ve found a niche for a little side job or scored a second job needed for a little extra money. That’s a fantastic feat for sure. How would you like to score some savvy points and create another income stream with that gig?

Smart businesses won’t put all eggs in one basket to earn their money. They’ll have a main stream of income, and will also have other smaller or equal sources of complimentary revenue generators to build a bigger income and those sources can also help out during slow or seasonal periods of lower revenue.

You see authors not only selling their books, but also giving speeches, selling their books, cd’s, tshirts, autographed photos at their speeches and online.

Landscapers not only mow lawns during the summer, but offer lawn prepping in fall/spring, plant seasonal flowers, and trim bushes.

Some companies who do deliveries in multiple cities in their region offer to transfer personal or business packages while performing their main duty.  They’re going to be in this town anyways, why not earn a few extra bucks to deliver a package and could save time and money for the sender?

Rock bands make most of their money performing concerts. No doubt you’ve seen the stalls set up selling their music, shirts and other promotional items.

The members of Rush are extremely respected and admired for their music ability. Ten years ago, they began doing regular recordings of their live concerts and releasing on dvd at the end of their tour. No doubt that’s added some good revenue for them.

Drummer Neil Peart, being well respected and admired as a rock drummer and lyricist, has generated more income for himself releasing his drum videos and has written a few best selling books describing his world travels on a BMW motorbike and one traveling across West Africa by bicycle.

So what about for yourself?

  • In addition to selling makeup at parties, how about adding some hair or nail work? Make how-to videos for your website giving tips on how to use certain make-up items.  If possible, be a consultant for Longaberger and display not only your makeup products, but could sell some Longaberger baskets at the same time.
  • Being in the gift basket business, you might already create baskets for women, how about creating some for men and kids? Or seniors?
  • If you deliver pizzas, surely you get to experience some odd customers and fellow employees that would make good stories on a blog, generating a few bucks in advertising or affiliate revenue.
  • As a teenager mowing lawns, I had a couple clients who had pools. I was able to make a package deal with them to mow, trim, and clean their pool each weekend. I was already there doing the lawn, why not take care of the pool for them while I was already there?

With a little effort and creativity, there could be a way to earn a little more with that weekend job.

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