June 21, 2016

Couple added $11000 without a second job

Sometimes when we’re in need of extra money, a common quick solution is to get an extra job or find something to earn a little extra cash.  It’s easy to forget one place that could generate a little money is our monthly spending habits.  Making some sacrifices and being creative with spending using what we already have could help in most cases, and know that it won’t be forever.  Only until some bills go away.

Saving over $11000 per year could knock out some serious debts quick.  Eric and Erika at Newlyweds On A Budget did just that by sitting down together and taking a deep look into their monthly spending and making the tough decision to do some cut backs.

And they were able to find this money while on one income.

Eric sacrificed his morning Starbucks, Erika cut some of her beauty shop rituals, and cut out a $100/month cable bill to name a few.  This isn’t going to be their lifestyle for the rest of their lives, just long enough to pile some cash in other departments like house down payments and emergency funds, later they can gradually add some frills back into their lives.

Or who knows?  They might like being frugal so much, they’ll live in a tiny house and trade in their cars for bikes.

If you need a side job to eliminate some debts, take a look at their post to see what all they did to find this incredible amount of saved money plus the comments to see what others have done too.

Have you done some sacrifices to your monthly spending?  Tell us what you’ve done in the comments.

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