May 9, 2012

Avon Rep tips to attract new customers

How many women do you know started selling Avon, or a similar direct selling item, only to quit after a short while?  Or they only used it to get discounted products since finding clients is too hard? Selling Avon, Mary Kay, and many other items can be tough since there are so many other reps [...]

Owning a hot dog cart

Ever think about running a hot dog cart?  They do seem like a cool little business to have, being independent, yukking it up with locals having a great time downtown or on their lunch break.  It seems these mobile food carts and trucks are beginning to increase more and more.  Especially in Portland, OR area [...]

When shouldn’t you get a second job?

In our quest to make more money or start a part time business after work, it’s easy to get all gung-ho on the idea of picking up that second job or start advertising our new business without factoring in issues realizing they could make the second job not such a bright idea.  The extra money [...]

11 bad habits of small business owners

Putting too much emphasis on business name and logo – Customers want to know how you can help them, not how cool your business looks.  Definitely want a professional image, but don’t dwell on details too long.  Getting infatuated with details too early leads to disagreement, meetings, and delays. You get lost in things that [...]

How to market like a drug dealer

Others recognize that although those pushing illegal drugs to others is morally wrong and some end up killing people, these guys do have skills that are effective in the legitimate business arena – Drug dealers are ALWAYS walking their territory – drug dealers know persistence is the key – they’re very familiar with their community [...]

Building a website for your business

Having a web presence has become a normal part of any business these days.  Websites are an effective marketing tool for buyers to see who you are and make a decision whether they trust you enough to do business. To give you a big picture for starting a website, it’s basically four steps – Register [...]

Produce or contract a business

Have you thought of a business idea or at least an industry you’d like to create a new side job or business, but held back on fear of lacking knowledge or not enough cash to hire additional employees to fill in your weak points? Think of this strategy – act as a contractor would to [...]

Free E-book – What Matters Now

Seth Godin has produced a free e-book compiled of 70+ entrepreneurs and big thinkers called What Matters Now. Reading these short essays has produced some remarkable insight and light bulb moments for new or improved side job ideas.  Seth has gathered short, one page, thought provoking essays from the likes of Dave Ramsey, Guy Kawasaki, [...]

Unhappy yet getting paid

Does this describe you? Are you currently working a job or career that might have been good in the beginning but doesn’t get you revved up anymore than it did when you first started?  Or maybe you’ve found this career field isn’t what you imagined during your college studies, you’re just tolerating it and merely [...]

Basic Steps For Starting A Small Business

  Dave Ramsey has proven he can run a very successful small business and run it debt free.  He gives some very basic, yet so important, pointers on starting your home business.  Going into debt to start a business without any revenue being generated is a high risk to take when the odds are against [...]