November 1, 2012

Photography niche idea – Letter Art Photography

Nice idea for a unique photography niche as a part time side hustle – taking pictures of objects representing letters of the alphabet to form words, in this case town names with pictures of objects representing that town. Take a look at this Detroit News article in what this photographer has done and also has [...]

Pros and cons from a real world weekend wedding photographer

What’s your idea of making extra money as a wedding photographer?  How much time do you actually spend performing your favorite activity of shooting pictures?   Naturally it’s preferable to make sure your skills are up to snuff to satisfy the wedding party (especially the bride!), providing professional grade portraits.  One individual offered up his [...]

Design custom bridal headpieces as a Veil Artist

Being known as a Veil Artist could be a way to design and create while helping brides add some custom flair on their wedding day by designing your own style of bridal veils.  According to Google keywords, custom veils has a high search volume with low competition.  Could be an ideal niche that hasn’t developed [...]

Get paid for your writing at

Textbroker is a website for those needing custom and unique content for projects like a press release, marketing copy, or magazine content.  Clients submit their orders for writing needed, authors who are registered to Textbroker will write up content based on the clients needs and submitted.  Textbroker’s editorial staff will evaluate and check the content [...]

How a teen earned $250,000

15 year old Sam Vrinios found a way to personalize video game controllers and didn’t expect it to go as big as it has.  In less than two years he’s already pulled in around $250,000 and demand is still picking up around the world.  His most effective form of advertising was showcasing his work on [...]

Sell custom designed tshirts

Most everyone loves to get a tshirt, especially if there’s a unique design or saying plastered on it.  Heck, college kids will put their name on a credit card application just for the sole purpose of scoring a free tshirt.  If you have skills as an artist, coming up with your own designs won’t be [...]

Temporary Tattoo Artist

Add fun to festivals and home parties! Are you good at copying artwork or even freehand?  Then you could possibly start a side job drawing temporary tattoos. Have your own set of drawings for people to choose from or have them bring you their own piece of art for you to paint on whatever bodypart [...]

Unhappy yet getting paid

Does this describe you? Are you currently working a job or career that might have been good in the beginning but doesn’t get you revved up anymore than it did when you first started?  Or maybe you’ve found this career field isn’t what you imagined during your college studies, you’re just tolerating it and merely [...]

Artist side jobs

Here’s some ideas for those that have exceptional painting, drawing, or other creative skills: Set up shop on any of these online platforms –,, T-shirt designs, logo designs – there’s free logo design programs on the web, then attach your design to items on Cafepress to sell. Sign up as a designer [...]

Work From Home Freelancing

If you have skills in web programming/designing, writing, marketing, admin skills, or any multitude of business skills you could use in consulting work, sites like might be an excellent way to bid on jobs to perform from home and earn extra income or make it a full time home business.  Or advertise your skills [...]