April 20, 2016

Artist side jobs

Vintage Ad #566: Starving Artists!

Here’s some ideas for those that have exceptional painting, drawing, or other creative skills:

Set up shop on any of these online platforms – Etsy.com, ArtFire.com, Bonanza.com

T-shirt designs, logo designs – there’s free logo design programs on the web, then attach your design to items on Cafepress to sell.

Sign up as a designer on 99Designs and get paid for designing logos, websites, business cards, and more.

Offer families the option of a painted family portrait instead of the usual group photo.  One lady earns around $500 for an individual portrait, $2000 for group portrait

Fiverr.com – advertise things you’ll do for $5

Offer to paint portraits of people’s houses

Offer a more unique idea to newlyweds – paint their wedding portrait instead or in addition to photos

Paint home address numbers on curbs or driveway – niche: instead of plain, black numbers – add their favorite college or sports team logo in color. Or family crest?  Think of other logos homeowners might enjoy displaying.

Create your own rain barrels or buy plain stock rain barrels and add your creative design to them

Clothes designing – sell patterns online

Draw story boards for local filmmakers or business projects

Think of something that could use a more refreshing design, then design and build them (like storage sheds, play houses, tree houses)

Design/make handmade invitations/greeting cards/stationary

Create custom designs for Jeep wheel covers

Draw temporary tattoos at parties and events

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